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Recent content by NJ-Nick

  1. N

    Zakk JCM800ZW Half Stack

    I'm thinking of selling my Zakk Limited edition half stack. Anybody got an idea of what it is worth? or a good asking price? Its 9.5 out of 10 condition. Thanks Nick
  2. N

    Philly TGP'rs, Share your Spectrum Stories

    I remember when they had general admission "dance concerts", I think the price was under 15 bucks for a triple header. I remember Humble Pie, Black Sabbath and Alice Cooper were one show....that was frickin amazing !!!!
  3. N

    What was your FINAL gear purchase of 2007?

    Custom Mark IV Head...... Nice compliment to my Express 5:50 combo !!!!
  4. N

    Mesa for a big clean sound?

    I think you would be surprised with the clean sound from an Express 5:50. I was !! Its also reasonably priced (for a Mesa)
  5. N

    Sweet Pedalworx pedals

    Georges pedals are the bomb !!! I have the Silas - Cactus Crunch - and ZZT808 on my board. His service is the best. Do yourself a favor and try/get one. You wont be disappointed. (Hmmm I need to talk to George about a Texas Two Step)
  6. N

    Vendors who exemplify excellent service

    George Blekas of Pedalworx....a tone king and a gentleman to deal with !!!
  7. N

    Do you use your guitar's tone controls?

    I'm the opposite...always on my Strats, never on everything else !!!!!
  8. N

    DD-6, DD-20, and L4

    I bought the dd6 and just ordered a dd20 ...the dd20 does the dd6 and more for a bit more $$. The DD6, for me, was much too digital (if you know what I mean) almost synth like Just my two cents
  9. N

    Ovation, Seagull, Tacoma, etc

    For me, the transition between electric and acoustic is much easier with an Ovation, specifically the Elite T.
  10. N

    Les Paul PORN!

    My '78 Custom 3 pup
  11. N

    Love Pedal Eternity in the house - WOW!!

    Great, I'm interested in seeing what you find out and the list of chips you try
  12. N

    lovepedal contact?

    seanmichael252@aol.com just had a conversation regarding an eternity pedal