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  1. nohjoh

    And speaking of open voiced/spread triads...

    Thanks for sharing, Ed!
  2. nohjoh

    Noel Johnston's "Voicing Modes" book (Here's the new "Ted Greene" book)

    Thanks, Mark! What a great review. I'm gonna use this quote.
  3. nohjoh

    Rockett Pedals Archer (Klon clone)

    I got to beta test some early prototypes of the blue note. If Chris says it sounds spot on, I believe him. That guy has great ears and has friends with great ears. Congrats to Rockett!
  4. nohjoh

    Rockett Pedals!

    I have three separate pedal boards. Rockett Pedals are an important part of all of em. I use these: Blue Note, Animal, Led Boots, Flex drive, Revolver, RockettBoost. All amazing.
  5. nohjoh

    Like ECM jazz?

    Manfred Eicher knows how to write out high-energy solos, too.
  6. nohjoh

    Like ECM jazz?

    hey alright! does that Whitesnake shirt cancel out any and all ECM references?
  7. nohjoh

    You NEED to hear Noel Johnston......(Hey look, a Kemper, too!)

    Aww shucks, mark! Thanks man!!!
  8. nohjoh

    Gotoh 1088 with stripped threads in the block. repair?

    Hey All. I have a Gotoh 1088 in a '96 Tom Anderson Drop Top Classic. Anyway... I stripped the threads in the block where the tremolo arm screws in. Should I re-tap or should I get a new block? Perhaps even a whole new bridge? Is there a bridge that sounds better that won't require drastic...
  9. nohjoh

    Dallas guys! Phil Brown clinic this Friday night!!!

    Just had lunch with Phil. Great guy with lots of great stories. It should be a fun clinic.
  10. nohjoh

    iPhone mics: New releases?

    I have a Tascam IM2 - works with my iphone4 and Ipad2. I love it.
  11. nohjoh

    Time-sync'd octaver?

    Anyone make a time synched octaver??? Other than turning an octave generator (like a POG) on and off really fast with your foot... wondering if anyone makes a timed octave generator... like the arpeggiator in the Adrenalinn (but i'm not sure it can be set to just octaves)
  12. nohjoh

    Lentz guitars

    I've played that Daphne strat of suckamc's and was utterly blown away by it. Ridiculous amount of mojo/vibe.
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