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    What’s the skinny on 3rd Power Amps? Why did you sell yours?

    I had a Clean Sink it didn't have enough clean headroom for gigging. It did sound good in the house with the hybrid master.
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    Does gigging when you're old even make sense?

    I'm 70. I love to go out and play. Damn Covid-19. At least I have been vaccinated. Now I have to wait for the rest of the band to get theirs.
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    Delay Pedal For Lead Guitar

    Thanks for all your suggestions. I found a MXR Carbon Copy Bright and a JHS series 3 Delay locally. The CCB won.
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    Delay Pedal For Lead Guitar

    Anyone use a Echobrain?
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    Delay Pedal For Lead Guitar

    Mainly playing old school Rock/Blues with a Princeton, Deluxe or Super Reverb amp. Clean boost used are EP or RC Boost. What delay pedal will broaden my lead tone and what settings should I try? Thanks.
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    3rd Power Clean Sink, Giggable?

    I'm sad to say it failed the gig test for me. It probably would be a better amp if the tranny would accept 6V6's or 6L6's. Sounds great in the house though. The voicing control for me was more like a volume control from dark to bright. The American setting had a lot less volume than the AC...
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    NAD: Fender '65 Princeton Reverb Reissue FSR 12" Celestion Blue Alnico (Chilewich Denim)

    Your amp will definitely be giggable. Congrats.
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    I have 2 holy grail amps. I need to stop thinking I need another

    Once you've found your benchmark sound, a different tone doesn't seem so good no matter the pedigree. But viva la difference.
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    My 1x12 Cabinet needs a Cheap Tube Amp Head

    Recommendations under $250 appreciated. It will be used in a 5 piece Blues Band. It needs to be as loud as a Deluxe reverb amp.
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    Who makes your favorite "modern Blackface" amp?

    Check out the 3rd Power Clean Sink. It can go from Blackface to AC 30 ish. The only negative is it is a 6V6 only amp. If it had a transformer so you could use both 6V6's or 6L6's I'd like it even more.
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    Silver Sky - first impressions

    Both the SS and AVRI were outstanding. But my AVRI cured my GAS for the SS.
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    Silver Sky - first impressions

    I tried a Golden Mesa/Rosewood SS and really liked it. I brought my 62 Reissue to A/B it to see if it was better. It wasn't.
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    Name the one amp that you always wanted but never owned.

    Louis Electric Columbia. I had a souped up 79 Princeton Reverb with a Blue and a 70 Deluxe Reverb so I thought the Columbia would be redundant. Still I'd love to try one.