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    Interested in Deluxe Reverb tone, but want it to be better than what Fender offer

    Except the cab of a LM DR I owned for a bit was plywood, FWIW. Amp itself was nice. Maybe he’s changed to proper vintage fender style pine nowadays. For the OP - to be honest, from a sound perspective the idea of a ‘more perfect vintage Fender without any noise etc’ looks like the ideal job for...
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    Warmoth Super Strat Build

    I like the rationale behind the locking tuners. Makes sense
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    Is Marshall going to release anything new ever?

    IDK, I’ve owned the JTM1 and played the rest of the anni range. They were cool and I agree Marshall has rocks in their head to not have them in their permanent lineup but to say they were ‘every bit as good as their big versions’ is a bit much. The 800 was cute but absolutely not the same as...
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    Is Marshall going to release anything new ever?

    To be honest I’m also still scratching my head about the Astoria series. They design a few very cool, very well built, very vintage-inspired amps with modern usability - but they’re deliberately not voiced like their own most famous amps, and they dress these amps in headshells reminiscent of...
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    Is Marshall going to release anything new ever?

    As far as their amps goes Marshall seem to have such a deliberately self-sabotaging product roadmap. Even the SV20 - supposedly a ‘user friendly plexi for lower volume’, but nope still no master volume. So the Friedman amps will keep eating their lunch. Whatever…. good for Dave. He‘s built a...
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    Is the Marshall Origin 5c as bad as they say?

    Wait until you can get to a store and demo it yourself, if possible. Internet opinions are almost useless with this kind of thing. Personally I liked it for what it is - a cool little tube amp, a bit more versatile than an old tweed Champ - but didn’t expect it to sound like a miniaturised...
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    New UAD Amp Pedals

    Live long enough and you’ll get sick of throwing perfectly good hardware in the trash because it’s no longer viable to run with current OS’s. Been there, done it, fed up with it.
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    The Cult - Love

    All you Electric lovers need to get your own thread. All that sub-AC/DC stuff was such a disappointment after Love. Granted it was better than AC/DC managed themselves by then, but still. Off you go
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    The Who - interviews, books, concert video

    Wish I hadn’t read Townshend’s autobio, it didn’t paint him in a good light. Then again maybe he had the courage to put it out knowing that in advance and decided he’d rather be truthful in his way than loved for a work of PR. I guess there would be a fitting kind of commitment in that. I don’t...
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    Overheard in music store: amusing sayings or songs

    ‘Hi - did I hear you playing a bunch of Ritchie Blackmore licks just then?’ ‘Yes?’ ‘I’m putting together a Deep Purple tribute band - can you sing?’
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    Saw Blackmore's Night in Harissburg PA 5-19-2022

    I’m glad he’s relaxing into his older age. The ‘Rainbow’ shows have been hard to watch for me (and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was hard to enjoy for himself too, given what a perfectionist he’s always been). This kind of thing sounds much better. I hope he’s got a good bunch of years in...
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    Former Fuzz Haters: What Fuzz Changed Your Mind?

    Ha ha, yes. I do know what you mean, all psychological but I have some unscientific skepticism towards Big Muff types in little MXR boxes. For some reason I’m fine with the AM sunface being in a small box, but I look at it as a gently refined winetasting implement vs. chunky earth moving...
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    Former Fuzz Haters: What Fuzz Changed Your Mind?

    Carlton Swop Shop? On topic: recently, Analogman low gain red dot Sunface into a JCM800 set to mild breakup, nice oldschool sound Decades ago, a late 70s NYC Big Muff into an 800, nice fat wall of sound. Edit: I will add, in my limited experience Analogman really does ‘do pedals right’. I...
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    Mid price modeller

    ‘Wait Time - 53 weeks’ - ouch. They weren’t kidding about that chip shortage.
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    Western Electric posted a questionnaire - They seem willing to make tubes for us.

    Their currently high audiophile prices noted, I do wonder if the guitar amp market would be so much higher volume (and production specs less critical) than audiophile gear that they’ll be able to bring the prices down to a bearable level.
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