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    Eastman Guitars

    I have had an AR371 and now have a T49/v and love it. Plan to buy a T59/v and an SB59/v.
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    Post a rare musical find from Youtube

    I had forgotten all about Gabor until recently. I was unaware of his influence on Santana, as well, but you can here it. There is an excellent video on Youtube with Santana discussing it.
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    Post one of your favorite classic MTV videos

    You are Adrien Brody! I knew it!
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    silverface pro reverb hum

    I am very curious about this as I am rebuilding my '71 AA165 Circuit Pro and found this to be the case and I am confused. To clarify and verify, wiring in the preamp section of the 6.3 v heater wires should be pin to pin and not alternating. 4-5 to 4-5 and 9-9. Previously, mine went from 4(5)...
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    Post one of your favorite classic MTV videos

    I always liked this one because of David Fincher's direction and use of tungsten balanced film in a mixed lighting environment.
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    Tell about your earliest recording setup!!(especially, your early analog tape rig)

    Recently, I bought a mint Tascam 34B, a Mackie Onyx 1220 and a Sennheiser MD421 and a TZ Audio Stella X2. I was going to add two or possible three more Stella X2's for an old school approach to recording a jazz trio or quartet. I wish I could find the mod for the Mackie Onyx that changes the...
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    Clever Librarian

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    Sugarloaf... Anyone else remember this band.

    I googled Robert and found his website. Great info. Thanks!
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    Sugarloaf... Anyone else remember this band.

    Of the many things I noticed about the band, as well as some of the era. There was an exceptional level of musicianship. And the arrangements were spot on, as well as the recordings and mixing. Vocals never seem over compressed and sit perfectly in the mix. As they say before Pro Tools there...
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    Sugarloaf... Anyone else remember this band.

    I hadn't heard this in many years but it was a favorite for many when I was a kid. Amazing playing with a nice jazz vibe. I did not know they wrote and recorded the second song.
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    Further adventures in repairing Fender Pro Reverb

    No, it does not have a mid control. as far as I know, none of them did. I will look up the blackface schematic. Thanks again!