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    FS: Yoohoo! Big Summer Blowout...

    +1 for the name of the thread. Made me chuckle!
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    FS - Fender SuperSonic 60 Head

    Still available.
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    FS - Fender SuperSonic 60 Head

    Still available for now!
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    FS- Port City 1x12----SOLD

    Still available! Come and get it!
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    FS- Port City 1x12----SOLD

    For sale is a Port City 1x12. I got this one from another TGP member a couple years ago, and it has served me really well. I have been impressed by the build and sound of this little guy. I don't really have a need for the 1x12 anymore, as I have been using a smaller combo for home use, so it is...
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    FS - Fender SuperSonic 60 Head

    I am in the process of a tele build, and am looking for some things to unload, so this Fender amp is looking for a new home. I purchased it from a gear page member about 4 months ago thinking that it would be a good amp for home playing but I quickly realized it is one LOUD beast. It has...
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    BOSS SE-70 smooth lead sound great for legato...

    A prime example of a piece of equipment in the right hands. Nice
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    Craiglist thread....

    I always kiss my wife and kids, and wish them well when I am going to a CL deal. Just in case, ya know...
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    FS:: Martin 000-15 Mahogany $600

    Up for sale is my ol' trusty - the Martin 000-15. Made in the USA. I bought this new around 2003. It was my first real acoustic guitar, and has treated me nicely. It has such a nice warm, inviting tone to it, and is very comfortable to play. It has been broken in quite nicely, and in some...
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    Could I benefit from a crossover?

    Got an update, and thanks for all your help! Turns out, adding a 2 channel 31 band EQ right after the main outs form the mixer made a HUGE tonal difference. I was able to drop that really harsh top end I was hearing. Now, we can actually run the vocals at a louder, more clear level because...
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    Could I benefit from a crossover?

    Thanks Mix, good to know actually. Right now, I will be keeping them out of the monitors. :)
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    Could I benefit from a crossover?

    Sweet. Good point. Ill report back here with some updates. Thanks Rex! :)
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    Could I benefit from a crossover?

    Cool. I think I will try this: I actually have a 31 Band EQ I can try. Ill mess with it when I get time. Ill put it after the main output Also thinking about getting a 2 channel compressor/limiter-- One channel for the post EQ, then to the mains -- one channel to insert in the main vocal's...
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    Advice? Good HD Video Camera for Recording our Band?

    Thanks, open to any and all suggestions. Total noob with Cameras! :)
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