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Recent content by NWOBHM


    Sold 2 sets THROBAK pickups, reverse zebra PG-102 MXV and zebra MC-102B MXV

    PG-102's are SOLD MC-102's are SOLD

    Can anyone tell me about the Throbak MC-102B pickups?

    I've had most of them and I like the 101+ w/ short A5's the best. I also have the mc102's, 7.6k neck 9.2k bridge with A4 magnets and they are fatter toned with more mids and smoother top, not as much bite as the 101+. I swapped short A5's into mine and prefer them that way.

    30% Taper Pots? RSGuitarWorks, Hamer, who else?

    I just put 2 of the long shaft pots in my 79' KM and these are great. These remind me more of vintage pots. Like the crl pots in my 54' les paul or the central labs, I've had in juniors and melody makers. There way more responsive than the off the shelf pots that I've had in there for the last...

    New Dominger Pickups in my USA Jackson

    Nice build! I got the Rider in a flying V. Perfect for raw down tuned stuff like Fu Manchu, The Sword and QOTSA. I ditched the old Super D I was using because, the rider was less compressed and more articulate. Kinda like a meaner Duncan Custom. I normally use Throbaks for a more traditional...

    30% Taper Pots? RSGuitarWorks, Hamer, who else?

    Cool, I been buying mojotones regular pots for awhile now. So, about 90 days for 30% short shaft aswell?

    Favorite Humbucker Manufacturer?

    I tried that one and the raw humbucker. I usually play thru Throbaks but, wanted something for low tuned stuff, like The Sword, QOTSA,High on Fire etc. The Raw was pretty impressive, not your typical ceramic humbucker. smoother than a distortion and more responsive, not really as harsh and edgy...

    Just Picked Up The New Orange Goblin

    I got the new dvd/cd today awesome! Eulogy for the fans

    NGD...1990 Heritage GARY MOORE

    Should be a schaller, I think. Brent, That thing is beautiful, I had one for 10 years with the slim neck. Now, I can't get comfortable on one! Got used to the fatty.:rotflmao

    New High on Fire - "Bloody Knuckles"

    I like the new disc, I like the previous one more, Snakes for the Divine. Not alot of depth to that song but, if you take them as whole, there's alot more Light and shade to there music and then there are those songs that pummel you into the ground, which isn't a bad thing for metal.
  10. NWOBHM

    Dear friends, Who makes those ultra thin, aged pup covers for Humbuckers?

    Jon's only got the PAF sized nickel covers as of now.
  11. NWOBHM

    Dear friends, Who makes those ultra thin, aged pup covers for Humbuckers?

    1960 classic has wider bridge pickup spacing. Jon's are for PAF spaced pickups. I've used the Gibson covers in the past, for the hot ceramic humbuckers that come on classics.
  12. NWOBHM

    Refinishes (show yours off!)

    82' Hamer Special. Bought stripped refin by Stike at http://www.rowycokustoms.com/RK_intro.html
  13. NWOBHM

    1978 Hamer Sunburst...NGD

    I just measured mine in th 80' Special. 8.5 neck 8.15 bridge. They might balance better if I swap them but, too lazy.;)
  14. NWOBHM

    Grover rotomatics ,Gotoh rotomatics or Kluson tuners best for Les Paul ?

    I remember those, they work but, depends on the guitar. It made a strat I had come alive. before, it was dead sounding. Guitars that really sound very alive and resonant, I tend to keep Klusons on. Sometimes, heavier doesn't have the same effect. On my SG, grovers had a negative effect, as it...