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    Which are your guitar manufacturers in your collection? List them here.

    E6/12 Gibson Fender X2 Tom Anderson Musicman X4 Reverend Epiphone Elite X3 Hamer X2 PRS A6/12 Sigma SDR X2 Mossman B5/6/FL Carvin X2 Schecter X2
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    Boogie Lonestar: UNRELIABLE??

    The LSS is my favorite amp of all time. I picked up a used combo as a backup. I am older now and would like to switch to a head. But now I'm going to be reluctant to sell the combos until I know new units are available.
  3. Axis Copper 1

    Axis Copper 1

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    What's your favorite discontinued guitar?

    Musicman Axis Sport, MM-90. The Sport was discontinued long ago. The MM-90 a few years ago. These have been my main guitar for a long time. The MM-90 isn't much like a P-90. It has its own sound - Much more Fendery than P-90, but higher output. Axis Copper 1 by Oakley posted Feb 16, 2020...
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    musicman axis mm90??? is that guitar not made now?

    Wow! The MM-90 is my favorite pickup! I have three Axises with MM-90s. (One of them has a set of Lollar mini HBs in it now) That pickup is not much like a P-90; more like Tele pickups with more girth. Glad I stumbled onto this thread!
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    At the crossroads between tubes and modellers

    62 years old. I have used tube amps almost exclusively. I recently got a Quilter Mach 2 Pro HD. It's the first solid state amp I have played through that I really liked. Sounds great loud or soft. And I can play a bass through it safely - at rehearsal volumes. Weighs 21 pounds. I love...
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    EVM12L - lighter-weight alternative?

    Here's a video comparing various versions of the EVM 12L. The latest incarnation really does sound very different from the earlier ones. And here's a bunch of Celestions compared to the latest EVM 12L. The Celestions all sound similar to each other and very different from the EVM...
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    EVM12L - lighter-weight alternative?

    I tried the Classic Lead 80 in my Mark III. That cut about 7 pounds and sounded great - not the same as the EVM12-L, but just as good to my ear. Then I swapped in the neodymium Celestion Century, which gave a total weight loss of 12 pounds. It also sounded great. Not the same as the EVM or...
  9. Fargen Blackbird 30 front IMG_3799

    Fargen Blackbird 30 front IMG_3799

  10. Fargen Blackbird 30 tubes IMG_3807

    Fargen Blackbird 30 tubes IMG_3807

  11. Fargen Blackbird 30 Back IMG_3808

    Fargen Blackbird 30 Back IMG_3808

  12. Amps and cabs

    Amps and cabs

  13. Hamer Taledega Pro front DSC05125

    Hamer Taledega Pro front DSC05125

  14. Hamer Taledega Pro front close DSC05127

    Hamer Taledega Pro front close DSC05127