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    Trying to contact Voodoo Lab to no avail

    I got an immediate response from them on September 1st and sent in something for repair the next day. I haven't heard back yet but they are probably dealing with fire evacuations still. Their customer service is fantastic, never had an issue. I emailed info at
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    For ES335 tone, feel, and overall vibe/quality @ much lower $$$$...

    I recently completed a 335 search and it went like this: Ibanez AS-73 (killer entry level guitar that I had for years) 80's Greco Cherry Red 335 (great find and nice guitar but the smaller nut width wasn't working for me) Edwards SA-125lts (would have been happy to stop here but found the next...
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    The Heaviest ( in terms of weight ) amp you owned and the misfortune of lugging it around ?

    Mesa Blue Angel 4x10. Incredible sounding amp. So heavy. I should have known when I was stashing it in the extra cab of my truck and I could barely do it. Traded it for a modded Blues Junior and crappy 1x12 cabinet, trade partner thought he was ripping me off but I was happy to watch him try and...
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    Sold Gene Baker B3 Phoenix

    Another Phoenix fan here. Have one similar to yours, TV yellow with ebony board. Just a great guitar.
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    So Lets Talk About Pedalboards...

    yes I have the VL mondo on my dingbat medium board. You should have no problem mounting any power source. Very versatile design.
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    So Lets Talk About Pedalboards...

    Another vote for VoodooLabs Dingbat medium. Easy to mount your power supply, its light and the case is fantastic.
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    Bigger Princeton Reverb-esque amps?

    Morgan PR12. A Princeton with a bit more of everything.
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    Princeton Reverb and only two pedals

    I have played the last few gigs with a stripped down set up of Morgan PR12 (Princeton with 12" Speaker and bigger cabinet) > OCD > Line6 M9. I have to use an M9 because we run through a lot of different sounds in a set. Sounded killer and a very small footprint.
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    Sold Hamer Monaco

    Thanks Hbom, it really is something special.
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    Sold Hamer Monaco

    I've been waffling back and forth on this but I must realize my desire for a Stratocaster and move this incredible Hamer Monaco along in order to acquire my first Strat in over 20 years. I purchased the Monaco on The Gear Page from user nicknickhall in 2013 and it has served me well but it's not...
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    Sold Amazing lipstick strat!

    Lovely strat! Curious what the neck radius is?

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