• Supporting Membership Changes

    The Supporting Memberships are currently being updated moving forward.

    In order to coordinate giveaway drawings to the Supporting Members there will be a new alignment in the naming of the tiers. (Note: Non-Supporting (Basic) and Monthly Supporting Members can get into the drawings by mailing a postcard. Details on that will follow with a giveaway starting soon).

    The pricing for each Supporting Membership level remains the same though the naming of them will change. The privileges remain the same as current but with the new name. If you are a current Supporting Member, you will be upgraded automatically for the existing term of your Supporting Membership. We are introducing a new tier with new perks.

    Table here

    Supporting Membership Guide

    • Monthly Supporting Members will remain Supporting Members
    • Current annual Supporting Members will now be Silver Supporting Members. Perks and permissions remain the same
    • Current Silver Supporting Members will now be Gold Supporting Members
    • Current Gold Supporting Members will now be Platinum Supporting Members
    • A new level will be created - Double Platinum Supporting Members

    All memberships will now have the option to remain as non-recurring memberships or choose reccuring memberships moving forward. *Note: current memberships will NOT be changed to recurring memberships.

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    Cardinal Instruments

    Diggin that shape. BTW Sam, you've got mail! -Bobby
  2. O

    Extremely disappointed with Tone Tools and my Fat Cat 212 Custom

    After months of trying to get a hold of him, with continued request for a refund, I finally contacted him through his job and demanded a refund or I told him I'd get an attorney involved. This got his attention and he said he would be sending out refunds and letters (notice the plural) the...
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    Extremely disappointed with Tone Tools and my Fat Cat 212 Custom

    I left him another v-mail yesterday and said that my friend and I would proboably end up driving down to Sarasota if I don't hear from him. We'll see...
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    Extremely disappointed with Tone Tools and my Fat Cat 212 Custom

    I sent Cas a lengthy e-mail last Saturday detailing my concerns and requesting an update on the Fat Cat 112 that I ordered back in March. I didn't expect a response from him and I even said that in the e-mail, but also said that if I hadn't heard from him by today (Friday), that I'd then start...
  5. O

    Extremely disappointed with Tone Tools and my Fat Cat 212 Custom

    I'm in the exact same boat as you, DR. I paid well over $500 on March 20th; lots of extras, special order tolex... And haven't heard anything since I sent him the money. I understand Cas has had some health problems and I hope he's able to make some kind of recovery from his back injuries. I'm...
  6. O

    Boutique Amp Question

    If only one, then I'd say create your own sound and your own name. Go for the unique voicing. There are plenty of cloners out there already...
  7. O

    Atlanta ampfest redux

    Cool, Soli! I'd really like to compare your Bordeaux with mine. See how different they sound.
  8. O

    Atlanta ampfest redux

    i certainly hope it'll be more than just vendors who bring stuff...
  9. O

    Class A quad 6L6?

    My Fargen Custom Shop Bordeaux runs a cathode-biased pair of 6550s (or 6L6s) in push-pull for around 50 watts. it can get loud as hell, too.
  10. O

    My Rig!

    That head cabinet is amazing!!
  11. O

    Finally finished the new rig...

    I swear THD has about two or three times as many products as there website lets on... Nice setup btw.
  12. O

    Finally finished the new rig...

    Ed, Was the Flexi rackmount a custom deal or what?
  13. O

    Tell me about the Fargen VOS

    The VOS side of my Custom Shop Bordeaux is voiced differently than the "typical" VOS (if there is such a thing). But it's got plenty of thick, chewy gain that maintains articulation, even with the drive knob dimed. If I had to describe how mine sounds, it's sorta the bastard child of an SLO...
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    Friends don't let friends play POD's live

    I think ONE of the big problems with the POD and other modelers is that many of its users dial in the sound at bedroom-level or even with headphones and expect it to translate to performance volume, which just won't work. That, I believe, is why some folks can get a modeler to sound decent...

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