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Recent content by Onemoorescott

  1. Onemoorescott

    Your top 3 epic songs (over 8 minutes)?

    The Mighty Rio Grande - This Will Destroy You Milano - Sigur Ros First Wave Intact - Secret Machines
  2. Onemoorescott

    Flatwounds on guitar?

    A luthier recommended flats to me to get that "classic 12-string jangle" and that it seems counter-intuitive. He was right, it does seem counter-intuitive but they sound great on my Rick 330/12.
  3. Onemoorescott

    What pedal do you wish existed?

    Valhalla Shimmer reverb in a pedal.
  4. Onemoorescott

    Possibly the worst blunder ever made?

    you fell victim to one of the classic blunders....
  5. Onemoorescott

    Seraphim vs WET vs mono vs stereo question

    I have the mono version. It's a great pedal I use the shimmer about haft the time it's on. I use it for big, washy reverbs most of the time but I used it on acoustic guitar this weekend and it was really nice. With that said, I wish I had spent the extra money and bought the stereo version...
  6. Onemoorescott

    Mr. Black Eterna Trails

    I ran into similar issues with my EQD Dispatch Master. I loved the sound but I wanted trails. I bought one of these: http://this1smyne.com/shop/mtb-mini-true-bypass-box/ and chose the "Standard MTB with trails and toggle" option. It solved the problem. I know others have had issues with...
  7. Onemoorescott

    EHX Micro POG vs Mooer Tender Octaver **w/ VIDEO Shootout**

    I received mine today. I paid $43.24 after 10% coupon and shipping from Tomtop http://www.tomtop.com/mooer-tender-octaver-electric-guitar-micro-precise-octave-effect-pedal-true-bypass-i1477.html It took 18 days to get it. If you're not in a hurry it's a pretty good deal.
  8. Onemoorescott

    Neunaber WET Reverb VST?

    I agree with the Valhalla recommendations. Both the Shimmer and the Vintage Verb are really good. I would love to have the Valhalla Shimmer in pedal format.
  9. Onemoorescott

    budget Ableton live pedal?

    I've used the behringer. It's totally usable after you program it to work with Ableton. A little clunky but it will work. I ended up getting a Looptimus. looptimus.com It works straight out of the box but it's not cheap at $299. How are you planning on using the controller?
  10. Onemoorescott

    new 1 Spot Pro details (with pics) UPDATE: Prices included

    I've had the CS7 about a week and a half. All of the outlets are working fine and like Fndrbndr I am also using with a right-angle power cord and it fits nice and snug. I followed this thread as it developed as I was looking for a new power supply and it seemed like it would suit me and my...
  11. Onemoorescott

    Neunaber Seraphim

    I've had the seraphim for around 10 months now and I use it after delay (timeline). Both the shimmer and wet reverb sound great. I agree with the others that you should get the stereo version. I got the mono version and I will eventually sell it to get the stereo version.
  12. Onemoorescott

    Poll: Best Reverb for a Fatter Tone

    Dispatch Master with the delay off works well for me. When the delay is off (time knob at zero), repeats knob changes the reverb's character and can thicken the tone a bit.
  13. Onemoorescott

    Perfect Board for Electric AND Acoustic

    I mostly play electric but have been playing enough acoustic to set my board up to handle both. Signal chain goes like this: Tuner > compressor > volume pedal > boss ls-2 (to split signal) acoustic to Baggs para DI to sound board, electric goes to OD > delay > verb > amp. This has...
  14. Onemoorescott

    What shimmer reverb are you using? (discussion questions inside)

    I use a similar set up. Timeline on Ice mode, octave up, into a Dispatch Master. I had a BlueSky but I traded it +cash to get the Timeline.