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    Modeling has Peaked...It's Over!

    I officially declare that this thread has peaked and it's over. Thanks for all the love...and the other stuff.
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    Why do you play a Digital Unit?

    Why do you play a Digital Unit? Kemper, Helix, Axe, Quad Cortex, Iridium, Headrush etc. Why dopes it work better for your in some situations than a tube amp? What is your use case where digital wins? I know a lot of people use both, as do I but when you choose digital, why do you do it? Is it...
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    Neural DSP Quad Cortex

    I thought it sounded ok.
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    Are TrainWrecks still being made?

    I know that JM was manufacturing them for a couple years but the last reference I can find to the JM made amps is from 2017. Does anyone know if JM is still making Train Wrecks?
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    Best John Mayer Strat? PRS or Fender?

    We did a little shootout of the PRS Silver Sky vs the Fender John Mayer Signature Strat. It's interesting how John's preferences in strat pickups have changed.
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    P&W Rigs/Pedalboards

    Hit me up when your coming to town man!!! Thanks for the love, so glad you are enjoying the Podcast!!
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    P&W Rigs/Pedalboards

    Haha, it wasn’t meant be a burn I just hadn’t heard that name in awhile. I’ll have to check out his later stuff.
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    P&W Rigs/Pedalboards

    Wow Ryan Delmore that’s sort of a throw back. Wasn’t he a 90’s Vineyard guy. I played with him in 97 I think. He played a tele and a top hat amp.
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    P&W Rigs/Pedalboards

    Lol Don’t worry it’s not prophetic, I’d be the one with the gun!
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    Suhr singlecut launched at NAMM?

    It’s the standard and lower American made stuff they just don’t give a s**t about.
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    Suhr singlecut launched at NAMM?

    Hey guys great news!!! After numerous phone calls to Suhr and a couple of their top dealers I just found out that if you don’t like the wood John chose, the price or anything else you don’t have to buy it! Now that that is settled, hey @Husky I know they are already spoken for by dealers but...
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    Suhr singlecut launched at NAMM?

    At this point Gil Yaron and John Suhr have both chosen okoume for their LP style builds and these guys definitely have access to is possible that guitar makers in the 1950’s and 1960s didn’t discover every great tone wood and that these woods are amazing Tone woods but are still cheap...
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    Suhr singlecut launched at NAMM?

    If @Husky makes am LP style or junior available with a 510 or another tremolo as good as what they do with the 510, I would sell a kidney to buy it.
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    Battle of the Gretsch Sparkle Jets. Same model, spec, pick ups...different sound.

    I got my hands on two Sparkle Jets. They feel nearly identical, so much so that you could confuse them if blind folded. Maybe its the wood, or the pick ups or both but they sound different. Have a listen, it's a really good example of how unique each instrument can be.
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