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    Vinyl? Really?

    You got that for twenty five dollars?!!!!
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    FS 2017 Gibson Custom Shop 1959 Les Paul Standard - R9 - Iced Tea Burst - 8lbs 12oz - Gorgeous - $4750

    Go into your conversations list. Off to the right there is "replies" and "participants". Little box near those. Chceck a bunch you don't need. Go to "actions". "leave conversation" click "go" then "ignore future responses". That will delete conversations. To increase number of...
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    Vinyl? Really?

    Absolutely better than mp3 or streaming. CDs don't degrade like vinyl, so they have that advantage. Listen through an actual stereo and you'll get it.
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    Jackson Browne on Austin City Limits - Highly Recommended

    An old musical acquaintance is on keys! (Jason Crosby). He's having a blast.
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    Question ONLY for people who gig with a Boss Katana

    Let us know when you're playing in Jersey or Philly!
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    Strat VS Tele… which one…

    Belly cut, forearm carve = Strat is more comfortable to play. Throw in a SSH with a splittable H and you don't even need another guitar.
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    Best Plexi Pedal??

    My stepson was playing it the other day. I thought it was the Lagrange! It's really THAT good. I keep it on my "small" pedalboard (6 pedals). I do hope they put the Lagrange in a single pedal size like they did the Bogner Blue.
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    Reliced guitar found in closet

    Great story and sweet guitar but I can't believe you've been in the same band since the eighties!
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    Best Plexi Pedal??

    I can agree with this and also throw in the Barber Direct Drive v4. I own and love both.
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    If you had to limit yourself to a 3 pedal board

    Barber Direct Drive Dual Channel, Digitech EX7, Strymon Timeline
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    Dunlop Echoplex vs Carbon Copy?

    1000% YES it is brighter. I love the Dunlop Echoplex. It's what I use on my mini-board for longer delays and that beautiful analog-LIKE "wash" that I love the DMM for. The first time I played it, my stepson said "Is that one of your $400 delay pedals"? (Timeline, DMM).
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    What is your favorite burst/finish on a Gibson?

    I'd hit that. Beauty.
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    Do new GE7s 'need' modding?

    If you want a quiet GE-7 just get an old Danelectro Fish and Chips for 35 bucks.
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    Would You Treat Yourself with a $400 Delay Pedal?

    My Timeline can mimic that delay and plenty more.
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