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    Revivaldrive Compact: what I've Learned

    One more, if you please.....
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    discussion about guitar kits

    Bargain Musician has a parts delete option....check the coupons link... https://www.bargainmusician.com
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    What is the most obscure brand guitar that you own?

    Loic LePape double cut. Hollow steel body, mahogany/rosewood neck, WCR p-90 and V.I.P. pots.
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    Sold used but strong matched pair of GE 6L6GC

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    AVOID Anton Luvana/VintagecollectionsAU

    Purchased "Brass Saddles and plate -Andy Summers TELE/telecaster models" from him through Etsy. https://i.etsystatic.com/13951512/r/il/63d1f0/2774141907/il_794xN.2774141907_sbv2.jpg this arrived today Chromed steel, (yup-that's a magnet stuck to the plate. Saddles steel as well) sprayed...
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    Sold THORPY Camoflange #77 $300 all in!

    Yep-screwed the pooch, need $$ now! NEW CONDITION! Box paperwork, etc. Early issue with us made chips from lovetone honcho Dan Coggins' stash! Best flanger ever, non swoosh and hiss division. Number 77 made. $300 includes shipping, no taxes ($30 in CA)! P.M. if you wants......
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