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Recent content by Pablomago

  1. Pablomago

    How to play over backing tracks w/headphones

    I run my guitar into a DigiTech RP 360 > Edirol MD 150 monitors which allow a feed from my PC. It also has a headphone out. So tracks from the PC and guitar/interface into the speakers and if I need to go silent I can plug in speakers. Good audio quality as well.
  2. Pablomago

    You can bring back from the dead three musicians. Who do you pick?

    Jimi Hendrix Jerry Garcia Tom Petty
  3. Pablomago

    Monkey And The Engineer

    That song was written by Jesse Fuller, a bay area folk-blues artist. He played a Silvertone 12 string and used a high hat like thing that sounded like hands clapping and a device called a "Fodella" that used a pedal to plunk a tuned bass string. Jesse also wrote "San Francsico Bay Blues," "Beat...
  4. Pablomago

    Do You Consider Yourself to be a Legitimate Blues Guitar Player

    Define "legitimate." WTF does that even mean?
  5. Pablomago

    Wanting to use projector live backdrop. Can this be done?

    A long time ago we projected old cartoons between sets. People dug it. We didn't do it while we played, but there was an oil and dyes clock glass light show. They might have projected some stuff behind us, but I was busy playing rather then looking behind me.
  6. Pablomago

    Three big lies

    Luckily I don't play with an average drummer! Small amps work fine for us.
  7. Pablomago

    Yard sale find this morning

    My pedal steel player uses an old Ampeg his father gave him. I'm not sure of the model or tubes, but it sure sounds good. Happy NAD!
  8. Pablomago

    Amp stands?

    Put a black cloth over it if you're playing somewhere fancy. https://www.lowes.com/pd/Werner-1-71-ft-x-1-ft-x-20-56-in-225-lbs-Aluminum-Work-Platform/999946108...
  9. Pablomago

    Who would you rather be: Jeff Beck or Brian May?

    The Yardbirds got me started on guitar. Jeff Beck
  10. Pablomago

    Need to fly with my Boogie MKI Head. Can it be done?

    Put stickers on it that say "I >heart< Baggage Handlers" and do a lot of praying.
  11. Pablomago

    The Peterson Strobostomp HD is Better.

    How is it in direct sunlight?
  12. Pablomago

    When a Band Member misses Practice and things go.....Better?

    My band is best as a quartet, but we've done gigs or practices with fewer people and it's still sounded good. I guess I'm lucky. Of course, without me, they got nothing. :D
  13. Pablomago

    How do you not love these guys!(Skynyrd)

    I don't dislike them, but I'd much rather listen to The Allman Brothers Band.
  14. Pablomago

    I got into the Allmans late..

    Looking forward to this. I was there.
  15. Pablomago

    Was there an event or moment in time that made you decide to become a musician?

    Roy Rogers when I was real little. He captured the bad guys, rescued Dale and was home in time to sit around the campfire under the moon harmonizing with the Sons of the Pioneers. I wanted that.