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    How many hours do you practice / play at home each day?

    45 minutes to one hour.
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    what do you want to see at NAMM 2021 tomorrow

    A pedal that accurately emulates a 12-string guitar.
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    I have 2 holy grail amps. I need to stop thinking I need another

    Amp chase: A hunger that never dies. A Hunger that Never Dies
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    NAD!! Dr. Z Stang Ray!

    Enjoy! It takes pedals beautifully. I used to own one. Like with other things, I now regret that I sold it.
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    Carr Telstar

    For all you James Gang fans out there. I spent the last 60 minutes playing my Gretsch 6120 at the following setting. This nails the guitar tone in the song "The Bomber":
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    New Amp From Carr - Super Bee

    That is a perfect example of how to really showcase an amp. Crazy amazing ... I loved the Johnny A.!
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    Speakers are everything

    I totally agree.
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    Carr Telstar

    I'm noticing that a great zone to be in is when the attenuator is set at 9 o'clock:)
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    Carr Telstar

    Enjoy ... you will love it! I'm enjoying mine here in Montreal.
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    The 2020 Annual meeting of GASoholics Anonymous - what did you buy this year?

    2020 Gretsch Custom Shop '60 6120 Chet Atkins
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    Tone king imperial mkii help

    Have someone else play through it for a different perspective.
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    Opinion: Fender should put 12ax7’s in their 57 Champs, not 12ay7’s

    This amp is crazy loud. The suggested Bonamassa settings are not possible in a smaller setting (like my basement). The 12AY7 certainly did not sound bad ... it just took longer to break up. It's a great sounding amp with either preamp tube.
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    Opinion: Fender should put 12ax7’s in their 57 Champs, not 12ay7’s

    My Fender JB Twin-Amp came with a 12AX7 in v1. I wanted to try it with the 12AY7 ... I switched it right back to the 12AX7.
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    Is the Alnico Cream versatile?

    I replaced the speakers that came with my Fender JB Twin with two Celestion Alnico Creams. They do everything. I can't see where these wouldn't work.