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    NGD - are you man enough to rock this?

    Oh hell yea....:cool:
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    Any Of The Metal Fans Here Remember Chastain?

    Thunder and Lighting nuff said
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    Painted my EVH!!

    Oh yea...:cool:
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    NGD: the Unicorn- 2019 60th 1959 Aged with Brazilian- ULTRA RARE

    Oh my u......Sir are the winner:cool:
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    Shake Me ....nuff said :cool:
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    Very nice I had the steel string one :cool:
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    NGD - Jackson Soloist SL3

    He shoots....he scores:cool:
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    Belated, but very happy, NGD

    Oh hell yea !!!:cool:
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    NGD - Chlorine Burst goodness

    He shoots ..he scores :cool:
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    Jackson Soloist Tuners

    I have an older San Dimas Soloist thats needs new tuners I know Gotoh makes them but does anybody which model will work on this Jackson Thx
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    Praising EVH , do you remember where you were when you first heard VH1?

    Was in a bar in Chicago(Beginings) waiting for the Scorpions to come on,when in between acts the house DJ played Eruption .Needless to say everybody asked the person next to them..."what the hell was that" myselve included looked over to my friend who was a rockhead at the time and asked Donny...
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    Tom Anderson Angel - gamma green

    Hell yea .. :cool:
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    Lay it Down....nuff said :cool: