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    Pics: Share your Les Paul guitar porn

    The Three Burskateers.
  2. patentcad

    1959 Les Paul for Sale - $999,999

    Yellow guitars suck anyway.
  3. patentcad

    Pics: Share your Les Paul guitar porn

    You need three.
  4. patentcad

    So what's the straight dope....

    They're too heavy. But if 9 lbs doesn't bother you they're a bargain.
  5. patentcad

    Are Historic Les Pauls really worth it ?

    I've owned a bunch of LPs, Gibson USA and Custom Shop. These two Historics (2014 models) are the best ones I've ever played, no question. I think it's the pickups more than anything else, they changed them in 2013. CR0 (chambered 1960 reissue, pick guard) and R9 (solid body 1959 reissue...
  6. patentcad

    Pics: Share your Les Paul guitar porn

    2014 R9 (zebras). 2014 CR0 (chambered, pick guard). 8 lbs. 2oz and 7 lbs 10 oz respectively. I like my guitars light, like my bicycles. The guitars have no carbon fiber. Oh well.
  7. patentcad

    Carvin vintage series amps

    Hasserl stage 1 mods and volume mod. The stage 1 mods aren't visible, that's really just an adjustment to the tone profile of channel 2. Photos below show the master volume mod that adds a master volume control, channel switching is now on far right (small red toggle next to amp light). Also...
  8. patentcad

    My Guitar Collection: All my guitars together in one pic

    25+ guitars and only 13 posts here? No acoustics?
  9. patentcad

    The Worth of Jimmy Page's Les Paul

    This is the silly **** I come here for.
  10. patentcad

    Carvin vintage series amps

    I just got a replacement for my 15 year old Carvin 112 Nomad. I went for the upgraded Celestion speaker. Sounded better than the c.2000 amp which was identical except it had the stock Carvin 12" speaker and it had an older spring reverb, the new amp has a digital reverb. Then I had my amp...
  11. patentcad

    Bought a Les Paul / here's another reason GC is going under

    That's not why they're going under. 10+ years of leveraged buyout fiscal musical chair ********. THAT's why they're going under. Crushing corporate DEBT. So the puppeteers pocket millions. The thousands of hapless hardworking people who GC employs, those will be the big losers...
  12. patentcad

    It's mostly in the pickups. Right?

    That's what she said.
  13. patentcad

    NGD: 2013 R0

    Beautiful, enjoy.
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