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  1. PatrickE_FenderADV

    Alexander Dumble RIP

    RIP… https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/dumble-passed-away.2323580/
  2. PatrickE_FenderADV

    Dumble passed away

    Wow… RIP
  3. PatrickE_FenderADV

    Favorite Dual Overdrive Pedal?

    Same answer in the other threads… Amp 11.
  4. PatrickE_FenderADV

    Who pays the opening band?

    It comes from whoever hired them.
  5. PatrickE_FenderADV

    What is tonally in between a TS and Klon?

    The tone knobs on your guitar(s)?!? :dunno
  6. PatrickE_FenderADV

    Opinions on DD-2?

    17 year old necro thread?!? :huh
  7. PatrickE_FenderADV

    Bass player and guitarist in my band want to swap instruments on some songs - good or bad idea?

    Audiences will find it kinda cool… why not?? :dunno
  8. PatrickE_FenderADV

    Do you DIY or pay a guy?

    I don’t trust myself… paying a pro is worth it.
  9. PatrickE_FenderADV

    Jackson Browne on Austin City Limits - Highly Recommended

    Looking forward to watching g this in full. Thx
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