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Recent content by Paul Secondino

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    Guitar hangers check this out.

    That's so simple that it's brilliant.
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    Rush Tom Sawyer VIDEO AxeFX, Suhr..meet my band:)

    Sounds pretty good.Probably the heaviest version of Tom Sawyer I have heard.
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    Need help getting schematic for my 68 Dual Showman

    Thanks a bunch.I appreciate the help alot.I probably should have mentioned that my dual showman is a reverb. Still has the original accutro nix tank and fender footswitch. Does the amp being a "reverb" necessarily change which schematic is most appropriate ? And here's a couple of pics of the...
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    Need help getting schematic for my 68 Dual Showman

    THanks. I did come across that already but can I ask you if you can shed some light on these numbers ? AA270 AA768 AA769 It would seem that the 100 watt schematic would be my amp as mine definitely isn't a master volume version. Thanks
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    Need help getting schematic for my 68 Dual Showman

    Hi. I jsut got a 68 silver face dual showman head off ebay from a seller with a good reputation. However, the amp seems to have some serious problems. All the caps were bad and some even popped. The biggest problem is that my tech took a look at it for 10 seconds and pointed out that someone...
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    Gibson vs PRS vs Fender vs ??

    I'm generally a super strat player. But I do own a PRS Mccarty . I didn't even want a PRS and when I played this thing, I was really amazed at the sound. I find it to be more versatile than many les pauls that i have played. I also find it more comfortable. If I want it to be darker, all I...
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    Anybody ever receive a NEW Gibson Les Paul that DIDNT need nut work done ?

    I see alot go through my luthier's shop and none are very impressive except for the historic reissues. Those are the only ones where it appears that everything was attended to properly.
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    My latest Tele project, & a thin nitro finish pic...

    I like the look.Red isn't color I like alot but the shade you used looks nice. I'm putting together a tele too. But mine is an old all parts alder body sprayed with black poly. I'd like to polish it up but I am not certain about how to polish out poly finish compared to nitro laquer.
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    Basswood Suhrs

    I have a few basswood Ibanezes. And it seems that basswood is generally associated with guitars like hte Ibanez RG and S series as well as other similar Rock/Metal oriented guitars. The Basswood Suhrs I played all had maple tops and had a sound tht I was familiar with. But a Suhr or...
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    Roccaforte Rockie: killer clean or mean

    I've only played the big Roccaforte (High Gain 100).Definitely a turbo charged amp. I was wondering if Roccaforte would do something that would get the same amp for the most part only with better clean up. When I want clean, I really want clean. So I'm kind of interested in checking out the...
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    how to strip poly?

    TO be honest, I have not personally sanded a guitar body yet. However, I always imagined that sanding something like a fender strat, Ibanez RG, and other common poly'ed guitars isn't a big deal. THe majority of the guitar should sand fairly easily. In fact, a friend of mine sanded a Ibanez...
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    Two mics, one cabinet, love it!

    I definitely hear more midrange in the 421. But if positioning changes that for you then that's cool. I generally never got a sound out of a 421 on a guitar cab that I could totally rely on with my current rig.But it is a very good mic that does a great job on tom toms and bass guitar cabinets...
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    Which Audio Technica?

    I own a pair of AT 4047's which are kind of peaky in the high end but still give me good results. As mentioned the 4040 is kind of neutral.My 4047's are certainly brighter. The sound quality is very good for the price and I used a pair of them to track drum overheads with decent results.
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    Best Windows based workstation program - NOT Pro Tools...?????

    As mentioned, some software does certian things better.I own and use Sonar 3 (upgrading to 4) it is quite easy to use and intuitive. Comparatively, Pro Tools makes some simple tasks very difficult.Anyway, that is based on my observations of a friend who used to use Sonar 3 and now runs...
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    What's your "perfect room" for recording guitar?

    I generally like a neutral room.Experienced engineers can make great use out of a lively room but I am not as wise as the seasoned pros are. I almost always close mic my guitar cabs and keep the mic around 4 to 6 inches from the speaker. So far, my favorite floor surface is cement slab...
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