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    $1999 for a Blues Junior!!!!!

    There's a thread on this one already.
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    Plexi amp, Bigtone Studio Plex MkII

    Billy Gibbons plays one of those
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    What's the guitar equivalent of a Klon or a Dumble?

    I guess it's either a klender or a dibson?
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    The "thin" fallacy

    Somebody here should use this line as their signature: "use a wine bottle cork as a bullet" Brilliant!
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    Are Mike Burn's the best gear demos out there?

    Here's very strong evidence that Mr Burn Rules!
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    Another wraparound for those who care
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    Les Paul Studio Copper Top Love. Anymore Info?

    Where are the pics that prove your story? :)
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    NGD: Heritage h137 (lp special type)

    Gorgeous guitar!
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    Saint Vincent!

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    Saint Vincent!

    Hahaha You can always count with TGP when you need a shitstorm because of ... nothing really. This place is amazing.
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    Tube epiphany - that V1 tube is where it's at

    Gosh, and here I was thinking a new something. Timbre Wolf, I'll try and have a look this weekend. But I agree with DaveKS above. Every amp is different. All I want to say on the matter is that swapping tubes is a simple enough "mod" that anybody can do, and they get to hear the results...
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    PRS McCarty (Private Stock #5644)

    Wonderful instrument! And I like the playing too

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