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    NGD Fender YJM Strat Content

    sweet!!! congrats and rock it!!!
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    Are PRS DGT stiff playing?

    just a great guitar.
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    Do you guys like pink guitars?

    Pink guitars are cool. Play them hard in Rocktober :dude
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    Will PRS release a Tele?

    I was just thinking about this tonight. I'd love a PRS T:banana:aok
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    Gretsch Guitars Limited Edition '59 Nashville G6120T Electric Guitar.

    I did not need to see this (want). I love my Rev. Horton Heat. I hope a falcon will land one day:aok
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    What is your favorite American PRS model?

    DGT for me:dude
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    How would you rank the country of origin as quality meter for guitars?

    I really don't care where it's made. Plays good + sounds good = comes home with me:banana
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    NGD: J Mascis Jazzmaster

    congrats on a cool guitar:dude
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    Dgt Or Johnny Hiland

    I love my DGT. Funny you mention that ProfRhino. There was an interview years back where Paul said he went to one of Dave's seminars and said "I didn't know my guitars had those tones in it." David is a monster guitar player:dude
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    PRS SE Hollowbody Standard. Made in China?

    I'm sure it will be fine like the other SE's (getting checked out at Maryland before shipped off to dealers)
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    Friedman amps appreciation

    it's simple to use (single channel) and to me it has an older Marshall sound (60- 70). It just works for me:dude
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    Friedman amps appreciation

    I love my mini Shirley
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    Tom Anderson Angel - gamma green

    man that is so sweet:aok:dude:aok congrats
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    Do you prefer buying new or used?

    New for me because I don't want to deal with misrepresented items (to and from the islands suck) :bitch
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    My P90 Strat

    dang! that is cool :aok
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