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    Which foot do you use for WAH?

    left handed/ play righty, left foot, because of the way the guitar hangs
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    How does this guy do this???

    more likely to be the whammy on the boss me50. the band seem to love those things!
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    how many basses do you have/want?

    i'm up to 14 now. i still gas for more, normally to give me options for live work and recording. it's always the inherent sound / playability that does it for me, although the shape does sometimes have an effect. i tend to approach it like any tradesman, a chippie (Carpenter) will own more...
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    Bass Synth Pedal

    where are you based?
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    Show/Post Your Bass Pedalboard

    my latest board. used for my DI only church gig yesterday and night ish shot (8:30am)
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    Show/Post Your Bass Pedalboard

    like wise. the muff for gtr generally is meh for me, but on bass it's great! can i suggest you give the bass big muff a try. It doesn't seem to have as much gain available as the others, but is voiced really well for bass. It's supposedly based (!) around the green ussr muff, but also has a...
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    Show/Post Your Bass Pedalboard

    jow do you like your nano muff? i found mine lost some low end, and ended up using it for a while in a blended loop
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    MXR M82

    might be worth checking TalkBass. loads of discussion about this pedal there
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    bass reverb

    can i add my £0.02? the marshall is a great reverb pedal. people tend to ignore it because it's not boutique, and seen as a budget option. I'm sure the switch issue the previous poster had is the exception rather than the rule though. all of my marshall pedals get loads of use and i have never...
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    Little Big Muff / NYC Muff?

    ^^^ so true i have lots of differing muffs (snigger!!) but the Bass big muff is superb value for money and pretty much perfect for most bass players. not only does it have the blend feature, but it also has something close to the green ussr muff sound in there
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    Bass OD pedal suggestions

    give the Digitech bad monkey a try - cheap, and some great sounds available easily
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    Bass Overdrive

    The M80 is a great tool, but the distortion channel can be a real love it or hate it deal. the key is found in the blend control. I use the blended drive with the knob around the 11:30 mark and gain around 3:00, and this gets used quite a bit for more edgy kind of stuff. All in all it's almost...
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    Best Options for going direct w/ Bass

    obligatory mxr m80 bass DI+ suggestion great sound, not just a clone of a well known amp manufacturer's product. has a seperate blendable distortion channel too.
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    Bass Effects

    EHX make some really good stuff for bass. the Bass big muff is seen on a load of boards across TB and basschat. there are all kinds of options open to you. the best advice is to try everything - if it doesn't work for you not a problem, but you might find something worth shouting about!
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    Essential Bass Listening?

    any geezer butler (sabbath) steve harris (maiden) cliff burton (metallica) particularly Master of Puppets ray brown, anyone that played with miles davis,
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