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    Geddy’s Voice on Caress of Steel

    Ok, now i'm not even sure if i ever played the records of my Rush Trough Time. So you're saying RTT isn't the three first albums in one box? In the old days i would only play my c90 casettes that friends would tape for me, until i got it all on CD. So anyhow no worries, i have all the goodies...
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    Geddy’s Voice on Caress of Steel

    The big difference with VT is that they pretty much stepped away from the way they always arranged. Instead of mainly riff/arrangement driven, VT is mainly groove driven. That's why i call it their RHCP channeling. Imagine, Geddy playong both the Flea and Kiedis parts. But hey, we all know that...
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    Geddy’s Voice on Caress of Steel

    I studied jazz guitar at the conservatory so i extensively studied the craft and i'm unfortunately not baffled a lot anymore, but these guys still manage to do so. Even last night listening to Vapor Trails and Snakes & Arrows. Vapor Trails is probably another Rush album that wasn't as widely...
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    Silent practice - my amp w/ IR Load box or use a modeler

    Considering ease of use the RLIR is the no brainer.
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    Super reverb impedance question

    LOL, of course, what was i thinking?? :facepalm
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    Super reverb impedance question

    [Electronics dummy question alert!] What happens if you stick a suitable 6 ohms resistor in series between the 2 ohms output and the 8 ohms input on the Rivera? [/alert!]
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    Silent practice - my amp w/ IR Load box or use a modeler

    It won't sound like your cab while you're standing next to it. An IR is the sum of cab+room ambiance+mic+micpreamp. What that will get you at most is the sound of your Friedman 212 miced up in a specific recording room with a specific mic preamp.
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    Silent practice - my amp w/ IR Load box or use a modeler

    I have the regular Suhr RL without IR's, IR's are added in the software studio environment. It works great because i use my amps and everything sounds and feels great. Modelers and software amps however offer lots of practical benefits, but soundwise those just can't deliver what a real amp can...
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    Cab question - what does more $$ buy you?

    Since i decided, 20y ago, not to haul 412s anymore i played 112s and 212s. My current favorites are the Bluguitar Fatcab thiele/ported closed back 112 and an open back 212 Dumble clone. This monday however i'm expecting to receive a Barefaced Audio Reformer 112. If it's as good as i expect it...
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    NCD! Barefaced Audio Reformer 112- AMAZING CAB!

    Got mail today, my Reformer 112 is estimated to arrive this monday before 18u00, can't wait! :drool Alex, thx for the fast service!
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    Geddy’s Voice on Caress of Steel

    It's not only Geddy's voice on COS, all three of them are on fire! Late at night, whisky, Caress Of Steel. :phones
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    Help "Fatten Up" Tone

    A 212 isn't a halfstack. The 212 a pain to haul? How old are you and your son, 90 and 70? If a 212 is too painfull then you better get used to 112's including the disadvantages that go with them.
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    Greatest Bands that Performed Without Tracks

    Early Rush. To be able to play those live with the trio was a main concern during the writing stages of the older songs.
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    Who did you see at a small club gig that blew you away?

    Jan Akkerman Michael Brecker Scott Henderson Kirk Covington Anthony Jackson Kings X Pat Travers

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