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    New wampler Moxie mini Ts

    I think it just seems that way because builders are literally always releasing some type of Rat or TS variant.
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    EQD Plumes is the #1 selling OD on

    I think threads like this tend to bring out the negative reviews for some reason. Maybe it’s just me, but I think the Plumes is great and not just because of the price. I own a lot of the TGP boutique favourite OD pedals and often pick the Plumes.
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    Vox AC10 - bother changing tubes/speakers?

    It’s odd that so many of you are saying a speaker change. The stock speaker sounds great. From what I have read, a lot of people experimented with other speakers only to go back to the stock one.
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    Revv D20 - Princeton Black Face Comparison

    I have wanted a D20 for a while. Honestly, they don’t get talked about a lot on here but it seems like every YouTube channel that demos gear has one. They are loved in the actual session/online industry. I actually want one to use live.
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    Strymon- it's on!

    I think the main thing is how much of a difference the JFET front end makes? To be honest, the added features of the V2 Pedals don’t matter to me. I just would love to know if they feel or sound better. If not, I would probably pick up some discounted V1 pedals.
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    Strymon- it's on!

    You are not even going to wait and compare them? I would have to do it, even if I was planning on keeping the V2.
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    Psionic Audio

    I don’t really like the term “stupid” in this topic. Some of the builders that Lyle has issues with are some of the most respected in the business. Just because he has an issue with their designs, doesn’t mean the builder is stupid. Let me be clear, I watch his videos and often find them...
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    Roger Waters' ego shows no signs of shrinking with age

    Drake has been controversial in the rap/hip hop community because he collaborated with others when making albums. Apparently to be a true rapper, you need to be in complete creative control. However, he is a co-writer on most of his songs and it’s his sounds and topics that dominate albums. I...
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    Roger Waters' ego shows no signs of shrinking with age

    I think sometimes we have to get ourselves out of the bubble we live in. I am bad for this as well. Drake might not seem like anything to us, but he’s massively popular. Those people who listen to him now and have been for years, will remember him 40 years from now. I bet those same people don’t...
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    Roger Waters' ego shows no signs of shrinking with age

    Again, do you even know Drake? The guy is super talented. I agree that some generic bands or artists have producers or songwriters doing all the work, but Drake writes his music and lyrics. He’s not critically acclaimed for coming up with generic beats. The guy is talented. He’s clearly not a...
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    Roger Waters' ego shows no signs of shrinking with age

    Yeah, Drake’s been around since 2010, actually even earlier than that and has numerous critically acclaimed albums, but definitely a “flavour of the week” type of guy. Honestly, I never get this need to bash on artists from other genres you might not like and do it by making uneducated comments...
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    Psionic Audio

    I get that when he’s talking about Reissue Fender or Vox amps. It makes total sense. I don’t necessarily agree that they will breakdown as fast as he says (without component upgrades), but those videos I like. My issue is that he rips on every amp. I am admittedly a Carr fan, but I also know...
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    Mesa Boogie price increase

    I was excited about the new California Tweeds and then I looked at the prices here in Canada. I mean, everything is going up but for that money, I would rather get a Carr amp.
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    Psionic Audio

    I was actually shocked that he didn’t have anything bad to say about Victory amps. I thought for sure he would rip them apart, not because Victory is a bad company but he just seems to dislike lunchbox heads.
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    That amp that got away

    Not technically on the same page as the other posts, but about seven years ago, a Carr Impala came up used and mint for $1500. At the time, I had just purchased a house so passed on it. It’s still one of my favourite Carr amps but I have never seen one since in my area or for a good price. I did...
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