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    Way Huge Saffron Squeeze MKII Unity Gain Advice

    I have the same issue with this pedal but like most of the Way Huge pedals, you have to tweak them. To get close to bypassed sound, I had to turn up the input gain a little bit, anywhere from 9 o'clock to 11 o'clock and then adjust the volume to about 3 o'clock. I'd very the sustain to where I...
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    Red Llama Smalls

    Mine arrived today and I spent an hour with it comparing it to the Red Llama in the Camel Toe MKII. I used my Les Paul Traditional with a Seth Lover in the neck and 59 Hybrid with an Alnico 2 in the bridge into my Blues Junior with Texas Heat speaker. Compared to the Red Llama in the CT, the...
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    Red Llama Smalls

    In the Dunlop demo, it sounds like the MKIII might have a more midrange compared to the videos (and hazy recollection) of the MKII. Interested to hear how it sounds in other demos.
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    Boss GT-1 Headphone Recommendations

    I ended up with the ATH-M50X, the ATH-M40X, and the Sony MDR-7506. They are all similar to each other. I think the Sonys are a blend of between the M50x and the M40x. M40x are flatter sounding than the M50x. The M50x are OK but a little stingy in the highs when you are using drive/distortion...
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    Sold Boss GT-1000 $700

    I purchased this late last year for at home practice, specifically at night when everyone is sleeping. Never did any gigs with the unit and it stayed in my smoke-free house. A lot of great sounds and tweaks available in this unit! I'm selling because it's a more complicated than I need. I have...
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    New Tim by Paul C

    How long before these start appearing on Reverb for $1,000?
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    Trey Anastasio guitar tones Sweetwater 4/30/22: help!

    Those harsh upper mids sound like the Klon to me.
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    Boss GX-100

    Didn't know digital gear depreciated so quickly but kind of makes sense considering what happens to the price of tech like flat TVs and computers. Looks like I'm dropping that price LOL!
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    Boss GX-100

    I've had my GT-1000 listed for sale on Craigslist at $700 for 3 weeks now and I've received no offers. Times are tough!
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    Way Huge Fat Sandwich missing R6 resistor

    I tried some resistors in R6 and I didn't notice a difference. But while I was in there, I decided to try some component swaps. Just a note, I don't know how to read a schematic or trace a circuit. I looked at what was connected to the tone and presence pots and started there. C18 - stock...
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    Way Huge Fat Sandwich missing R6 resistor

    Back side of the board where R6 should be is clean. Probably like that from the factory but I'll try some values to see if it does anything worthwhile.
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    Way Huge Fat Sandwich missing R6 resistor

    I've had my Fat Sandwich apart for a few months and notice it's missing the resistor that goes in R6. One of the legs would go to the top leg of the curve pot and the other leg would go to the middle lug of the curve pot. I haven't been able to find anything online indicating what this resistors...
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    Got a GT1, tweaked and saved, then realized…..

    I've struggled to find headphones that sound good with the headphone setting on the GT-1. I usually leave the output set on the JC-120 setting. Works well running out into headphones or to my amp.
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    Ok, I’m in…

    I purchased the GT-1 late last year. It was an "upgrade" to the Digitech RP200 I got close to 15 years ago. I've never used a processor live, I've only used pedals. I'm impressed by the GT-1 and I can get some great tones out of it. I also own the GT-1000 and GX-100. To my ears, the GT-1...
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