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Recent content by phyrexia

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    The Mesa Boogie Appreciation Thread ! List your amps...

    F50, F100, two Mark IIIs, 2ch Triple Rec, two Mark IVs, Mark V, Blue Angel, Trem-o-verb, DC-10, D180, Studio, Quad, 50:50...2x12 Vert & Horiz, 4x12 Rectifier cabs, Thiele cab, 1x12 Three Quarter Back cab...
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    New Boogie Day!

    Sweet action. That's a pretty good deal you got there.
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    Mesa Amp lovers, what is your All time Favorite Mesa Boogie Amp ??

    have owned dc10, mark iii, mark iv, mark v, f50, f30, d180, triple rec, tremoverb, dual rec, blue angel. have played through many many more. the mark v is my favorite amp, ever. i wish i'd kept the blue angel though. #99 that amp was. the tremoverb was great too, but even heavier than the...
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    Is there a Mesa Mark 6 on the way??

    A While?? My second run V still has three years left on warranty. Mesa built Mark IVs for almost 20 years. And you say it's been a while? The Mark V is Randall Smith's magnum opus.
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    New FedEx Amp Shipping Policy?

    I have never had a problem with any of the items I have shipped via UPS. Fedex home delivery seems mostly incompetent and I have never recieved anything on time from FedEx. I fact the last items I had shipped to me via fedex went 500 miles in the wrong direction before they figured out the...
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    What would be your desert island speaker?

    Stuff like this is funny. If I could really only have one, it would be something other than a 12L. But if I could have more than one, I would use the 12L much more than other speakers (given the proper amp, of course) As I was discussing my guitars with my roommate - If I could only have one...
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    5e3 Modificaiton

    Wouldn't a dual gang potentiometer be perfect for this application? Your single volume control, that is. T/B controls might not be worth it on a 5e3. Would you not need an extra gain makeup stage? You might get better responses if you posted in the Tech forum.
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    EV SRO: Anyone Heard Diff Btwn Reconed & orig. cone ?

    Reconed SRO probably won't sound anything at all like a 12L. My SROs were quite different than my 12Ls. I don't think you could even use a 12L cone to recone an EV SRO. Are you talking about the ceramic or alnico speaker? They are diffent beasts entirely. The ceramic SRO is more like the...
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    What would be your desert island speaker?

    If I could pick two I would pick an EVM12L and a g12h30.
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    All of a sudden all my amps sound fuzzy?

    I could tell a difference with the Mark V when I started using a power conditioner. They do something, although I agree they are not magic.
  11. P

    Room Temperature and tube amps

    Sometimes I only get 105VAC where we practice. depends on what time we're out there.
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    Bought first Dr. Z. Prescription ES. Impressions.

    It's a Prescription ES head. I think it's the newer kind with the footswitchable Overdose. It's different from my other amps, that's for sure. The cleans seem nice and crisp. I am just playing it through my Mark V combo, which has an MS-12 in it. So far so good. I turned it up for a...
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    Mesa Mark III, speaker replacement

    No, when he says the speakers need to be pushed he means it. I allso thought to suggest an Altec Lansings, 4178Hs. But they sound a lot different thwn what you're coming from (which is why i wonder if you'd like them, or the JBLs)
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    Mesa Mark III, speaker replacement

    In my experience the MS12 does not need to be pounded on quite like the EV to get a good sound. I have used all the speakers you've mentioned and none you haven't. I had a Weber Michigan years ago that was quiet, like 95dB or something, but I've never been able to tell if they're all like...
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    Vintage Fender Princeton Reverb is simply amazing!

    I regretted selling my '74 almost immediately.