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    Selling an amp on Craigslist - your experience

    Pictures are a must. I have sold and bought several amps on CL. Cash only, public spot. Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts lots have cops sometimes
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    NAD: Vox AC15

    Real fun amp. Good luck with it I am a CC1 fan since the TB channel was all I used
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    Keep Maz 18 or buy handwired Vox

    the Maz hands down. I have had both over the years. Vox is nice. Maz is killer
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    WANTED: pre-owned Boogie-best value??

    you will get everything MB under the sun recommended here. MB fans are MB fans. Me, I recommend the Lonestar Special. Sweet clean and the Drive channel is right where I need it. Plenty loud, quality reverb, stock speaker is perfect. An all around great do it all amp
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    Deluxe Reverb vs ??

    I was never a fan of alnico's. DRRI needs a ceramic to control the treble. Weber 12F150 or california, V30, WGS ReaperHP (for a little more Voxy flavor)
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    Your top 3 best amps you’ve played/own

    Lots of amps in my past so this is a tough choice. Tone King Meteor II 1x12 combo Best BFDR clone I've had. Killer clean channel Mesa Lonestar Special Best clean and dirty combo 2 channel Fargen Blackbird 30 Great cleans, reverb and loves my pedals
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    Small clean amp...WWYD

    I have experience with the BJ and the C30. The BJ's have always sounded to boxy for me. I have no complaints about my C30's. One has a Vintage 30 and the other has a well broken in Jensen C12 from an old DRRI I had. Both very sweet to my ears
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    Paul Allen passes away....

    My good friend was hired by Allen to create and run the EMP. He got to work closely with him. My buddy said he was in the men's room taking a leak and Paul Allen is on his right doing the same. Then Bill Gates walks in and stands to my friend's left and is peeing. My friend got the biggest...
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    I thought I'd seen it all when it comes to tire kickers

    I had been trading, selling and buying stuff here for a few years and felt plenty safe sending an Anderson across the country for a Tone King amp. All the deals I had made were fair, prompt delivery and "as advertised" merchandise. Then I am going to trade a newbie a guitar for a guitar. He...
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    Sold FARGEN Blackbird 30 Combo

    Great amp!!! Can't say enough good things about mine
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    I Suddenly Think I Need A Les Paul. Talk Me Out Of It.

    I got my first LP 1960 RI about 4 years ago. Love it dearly. Plaintop, not flashy but sounds outstanding. I've been playing since 1965, a long wait for a diehard single coil fan. Very happy with my LP
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    Best way to buy a Mesa Boogie amp???

    LSS is a great amp. I've had 5 over the last 20+ years. It's the amp I always go back to. First one I bought at GC, $1800. Since then, Craigslist and the TGP amp forum have been my source. I've paid $850-1000. Traded and Allen Accomplice for my current one. IMO, no speaker swap is...
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    Looking for a Fender blackface. Go vintage or new?

    I have had several BFDR, DRRI or some type of clone over the years. Tried many just to experience the sound. Played them all live and in the house extensively. Here's my list of my favorites with some specific things I remembered about each. Tone King Meteor several small ports in the baffle...
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    Anti-GAS Tri-fecta Poll: The longest you've gone NOT buying, selling or trading gear?

    I just ended a 3 year non buy period. I have my "Core Four" Strat, Tele, Dot and LP that have all become my #1's. But I left my nicely upgraded Epi Dot at my house in Florida when I came back to NJ for the summer and I missed the Dot feel and playabilility. I found a blonde, upgraded Epi Dot...
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    Sold Schaller strap locks

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