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    so far the most usefull floor unit to date

    I wasn't aware they stopped making the FMF. It is the perfect match for the Quilter 101 or 200. I put a wah in front of it and that is all I need . The L6 Firehawk was pretty cool, but it didn't have the organic feel the fender unit has. The nice thing about the quilter is I can set my base gain...
  2. Plague Dog

    Amplifire Impressions – 2 Months In

    i had one, too much work to get usable tones. last gig with it i left it on one setting all night so i got rid of it. I am much happier with the fender mustang floor into a quilter 200 tone block. i liked the amplifire okay but absolutely no sustain.
  3. Plague Dog

    Quilter 101 or 200 for modeler?

    The101is plenty loud to push a couple 412 cabs. the 200 is loud enough to blow the back wall off the building.
  4. Plague Dog

    Rock You Like A Hurricane Guitar Cover (Using the AX8)

    something missing, upper-mids? a tad more drive? the playing was right on though
  5. Plague Dog

    so far the most usefull floor unit to date

    not yet. i will record it after i have had a chance to dial it in and get the balances a little closer, Some need to come up and others need to go way down
  6. Plague Dog

    Quilter 101 or 200 for modeler?

    i have both. the 101 is as loud at 10 watts as the toneblock is at 40 watts. i am useing it for a floor modeler and it sound fantastic
  7. Plague Dog

    so far the most usefull floor unit to date

    and this is a surprise for me because I normally hold any new Fender products in contempt. They haven't come out with decent product that wasn't custom shop since about 1984. Well I take that back, I like some of the baja series guitars but the roadworn look like someone took a belt sander to...
  8. Plague Dog

    trying to simplify

    so short of guitar>cable>amp i have been attempting to simplfy my rig. guitar>fender mustang floor> wah and EQD the depths in loop> amplifier. i have the choice of 112, 212 or 412 depending on the venue. I am really hoping this one works out, i am so tied of the tone quest and now i am mainly...
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    fender mustsng floor or a zoom G5n

    how would you compare it to a l6 firehawk?
  10. Plague Dog

    fender mustsng floor or a zoom G5n

    Which would work better into a tube amp or the looop?
  11. Plague Dog

    The best way to sell an expensive guitar?

    never buy or sell anything on tgp. the place is full of unscrupulous thieves and scammers...
  12. Plague Dog

    Yamaha THR10

    I bought one and when I got it it wouldn't power up so i sent it back and got a used thr10x, the thr100 doesn't have the same optios as the THR10 either
  13. Plague Dog

    What makes Vox/matchless/Dr Z amps"snappy"?

    in my experience Dr Z is more fendery than fender amps.
  14. Plague Dog

    Ceriatone plexi started humming, no guitar sound ?

    99% of tube amp problems are tubes (paraphrased from Jim Foote)
  15. Plague Dog

    Do you consider Soldanos boutique amps?

    would you consider Matchless boutique? Dr Z? Rivera?
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