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    Budget Languedoc Help

    Any other thoughts on the subject? Thanks!
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    Budget Languedoc Help

    I am looking at adding a Languedoc style guitar to my arsenal as they seem to check a lot of boxes for me. Which of the budget models out there (Eastwood, Phred, etc.) would you recommend and why? I would like to stay under $1500 (as far under as possible lol) and am not against having to...
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    VS Audio Blackbird

    Bump for more opinions!
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    Crossfire vs Super Black

    Any opinions on how these 2 pedals compare? Thanks!
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    Crossfire vs Super Black

    How do these 2 pedals compare and which is the better "Black Face in a box" emulator? Thanks!
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    Quilter Aviator Mach 3 -

    Has anyone been able to get a good overdriven Super Reverb sound a la Derek Trucks? Thanks!
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    Fender 68 Champ vs Supro Delta King 10

    Both of these new little 5 watt 10" speaker amps look very interesting. Has anyone compared the 2 and if so what are your thought? Thanks!
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    Headrush MX5

    I am probable going to get an MX5 in the near future but since Headrush doesn't have a Dubmle style amp, what is everyone using for their Dumble tones?
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    Headrush to Mixer to FRFR?

    Could I run a Headrush to a mixer then to one of the FRFR speakers so I could have other audio sources from the mixer go to the FRFR too? I'm not sure if the Headrush was designed to go direct to the speaker or if a mixer in-between was ok. Thanks!
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    Upgrading Stereo For Bluetooth/Laptop/Modeler Options

    Would something like that be better/worse/same as using a small mixer>power amp>speakers or mixer>powered speakers?
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    Upgrading Stereo For Bluetooth/Laptop/Modeler Options

    I would like to keep the budget down as much as possible, maybe $300-500 range max. The laptop would be audio from YouTube, CD, DVD and video formats such as mp4.
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    Upgrading Stereo For Bluetooth/Laptop/Modeler Options

    I am upgrading my 20 year old bookshelf stereo system and would like to get something that would allow me to connect the following: -Laptop (from the headphone out) -Bluetooth receiver (or the new system could have Bluetooth built in) -Guitar modeler (looking at Headrush/Helix) And have...
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    Derek Trucks pedal - any idea?

    That is unheard of in Derek's rig. Maybe he's been peeking into TGP ;)
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    Derek Trucks pedal - any idea?

    Anyone have any more info on the pedal? Any pictures? Thanks!
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