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    Understanding Strats

    I completely agree. I love Strats. Some of my favorite players played them and some of my favorite tones were made with them. I have a killer Danocaster S that I ordered a few years ago, but when I play it I find that I tend to fall into a rut of licks and tones of those players. Like you...
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    NPD: Barber SmallFryBurnUnit

    Agreed, they’re a steal on the used market. After chasing through a bunch of Zendrive variants on a question for Dumble tone a few years ago, the SF smoked them all and was way more versatile. I’m not a big pedal stacker so I mostly use it standalone as a mid-gainer. The dynamics knob is...
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    Guitars you wanted for their looks alone?

    I've never played a Gibson R4 - or really anything with P90s for that manner - and yet there's a decent chance I buy one in the next 6 months. :facepalm
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    Swamp ash

    Glad I got this super lightweight 1-piece body swamp ash Danocaster while the stuff is still out there! I’ve owned a few alder Strats, but this one has this airy resonance that is different. Hopefully the wood isn’t gone for good.
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    How picky are you about neck profiles?

    I'm not very picky. To me, the neck is part of a guitar's unique personality and I like having variety. That said, I've become a huge fan of "Soft V" necks and I'm surprised they aren't more popular.
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    Tele Neck Pickup Appreciation

    Tele neck pickups are criminally underrated. I’ve got a Lollar Vintage T in mine. Very round and warm but still articulate. In fact, I’ll even take the leap to say that I might like the Tele neck pickup - for how I play - more than the beloved Strat neck pickup. Flame suit on :cool:
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    Looking for a "safe" place to put $1,500 to $3,000.

    You have to go used. Just about anything new will lose value outside of hard-to-acquire stuff like Danocaster. A used guitar with traditional features from a legacy brand should hold value as long as you maintain its condition.
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    Is playing guitar is good for your mental health?

    100%. I got into yoga a few years ago and realized the feeling I get from the “moving meditation” of yoga is very similar to the feeling I experience when I get lost in the guitar. The conscious mind is off and I am simply in the moment. I work a pretty demanding day job in finance, which I...
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    DGT or 335

    The 335 is definitely versatile - it can sound good for a lot of styles - but it doesn’t have a lot different sounds, if that makes sense. The DGT is built to be able to approximate a bunch of different guitars in one package. 335s are a bit bulky and fragile, so the DGT also puts it in a more...
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    Need some Strat setup help

    It sounds counterintuitive, but you might actually need less relief. I had the same issue with plinkiness on the high frets with my 335 this fall - the guitar had a level done a year ago, so I knew it wasn’t a fret issue. Tightening the truss a bit did the trick; it had probably drifted into...
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    Ordering a custom strat - spec help

    Shouldn't your builder be able to help answers these questions and how they'd effect the tone/playability of their build? I'd want to know what they think first!
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    New Heritage Headstock

    Yup. A small company needs its niche - it has to be 1) equivalent quality and cheaper, 2) better quality, or 3) offer a feature set the incumbent doesn't. Assuming these are comparable to an R8/R9/R0, $3800 undercuts on price pretty substantially. I'm a bit confused about what the regular...
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    New Heritage Headstock

    Same shape, but definitely looks more upscale with the inlaid logo and decorative motif. Honestly, the Heritage headstock is such an overblown thing. It's easy to call it out from an armchair while surfing the web. In person, it just doesn't jump out at you and the guitars are beautiful. I...
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    Cognitive Dissonance and Fender Mexico

    Totally agree - I think Fender could absolutely make guitars in Mexico that are equal in quality to the US production line guitars. The difference is mainly in spec (not just wood/component quality, but potentially also labor hours "allocated" to each guitar) and MIM guitars are intentionally...
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    Is K-line Springfield equivalent to a Fender Strat?

    So as Whitecat pointed out, Chris will build whatever you spec, but does have a bit of a standard spec that's a default starting point. Finish is nitro, and is very thin. I have a number of nitro guitars and my K-Line has the thinnest finish. Most will argue that a thinner finish results in...