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  1. presence

    Neural DSP Quad Cortex

    They should get this into the hands of many, many more death metal players so we can really see what it sounds like!
  2. presence

    New Fender Handwired Princeton - My Review

    Very thorough!
  3. presence

    Paul Reed Smith ....give me a break

    As far as income goes, you guys need to stop lumping lawyers in with doctors and dentists. For the vast majority of them, that ended over 30 years ago. It should be doctors/dentists/plumbers/programmers.
  4. presence

    Paul Reed Smith ....give me a break

    Nice guitar. Good for Paul, his employees and his American business!
  5. presence

    Greg Koch Gristletone P90s

    Similar to his Fluence tele pickups, the Fluence P-90s voiced by Greg will have two different voicings that are selected using a push/pull pot. One voicing is hotter and slightly darker than the other. A separate push/pull pot will put the two pickups out of phase for a Peter Green sound...
  6. presence

    Neural DSP Quad Cortex

    One year a young girl made extensive plans for her (very modest) birthday party and she looked forward to it for weeks. Everyday she would ask her parents "how many days to my birthday" and would tell them about the plans for her party. Then the big day came. Everything went fine, but did not...
  7. presence

    EVH: "Anyone who thinks SS frets changes the tone is crazy"

    Watching the video I correctly guessed which one was which and I preferred the nickel. The difference to me was subtle. Maybe the nickel is just what I'm used to hearing and the stainless just sounds different. It would be awesome if they sounded the same, but they don't to these ears!
  8. presence

    Official Thead: RIP EVH Eddie Van Halen

    So sad. Seems like the end of an era.
  9. presence

    I’ve owned and gigged them all Fractal is the best.

    Sleestack + content that so many will take offense to = winning
  10. presence

    New (2019) Fender Tonemaster Deluxe and Tonemaster Twin

    I'm not a cabinetmaker or a luthier, but pine is a semi-popular option for telecaster bodies. I'm guessing because it sounds good. Also, Fender isn't the only cabinet builder talking about pine. I think it's cool that Fender went with a nice-sounding, lightweight wood for the TM cabinets...
  11. presence

    I need a new Delay. Suggestions Please

    Just replace everything with Source Audio Collider. Boom.
  12. presence

    Source Audio Collider (Delay+Reverb)

    You might like the room reverb setting for 50's style slapback. It's a fairly filtered, midrangey sound with early reflections. There are 3 different room sizes, but they all sound fairly small to me. For me this engine is very different from what I expected from a room sound. Maybe it's...
  13. presence

    Strymon Nightsky

    The Facebook-only marketing strategy is so 2019...