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Recent content by Priestunes

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    First song/riff that you learned on your own...

    The closing riff to the YYZ solo that ends on an A minor, on acoustic, repositioning the turntable needle incrementally less and less about 50 times.
  2. P

    Which tribute band for you?

    Ozric Tentacles! Or maybe Phish. Nah. Not Phish. Maybe Meat Puppets. My friend is in a Zep tribute band and +1ed pre CoVid (go away, virus!) me once in a while. They sell out major venues and give peeps a damn good experience. Def not a cover band--it's rebuilding for those who never got to see...
  3. P

    Does gigging when you're old even make sense?

    It's personal but not not entirely age-driven. Humping gear through a poolroom to get to the busy stairscase that leads two floors to the room through which you then must jostle x 3 is more tiring when you're old, and a greenroom with a dilapidated sofa that the warm-up band is already sitting...
  4. P

    Pedals you were hyped up for that ended up being a flop

    The iStomp. I fell for that one, bought the latest releases, tried to love it. And oh what a disasterous, tragic end. On par with the Scotish play.
  5. P

    Have you played with any "famous" musicians?

    Keller Williams, Vince Herman, Kyle Hollingsworth, Jeremy Garrett, lent Oliver Wood my amp, Mark O'Connor at a bluegrass festival when I was 11, but my brother says I didn't. (I also thought Ricky Scaggs was there. He says he wasn't. I'm sticking to my memory. Haha.)
  6. P

    Do You Consider a Slow Guitarist Good?

    Fast is fun every once in a while. When I listen to Paul Gilbert, I can't wait for those insanely fast lines; when I listen to Clapton, I don't miss them. I'd feel bad (and do for myself sometimes) if I want to play fast and can't. I'd feel bad for the player who wants to play slow and sexy and...
  7. P

    Collings 290 - what do you think?

    Like many, I've spent way way way too much time and effort searching for the right guitar. I just want something ... perfect. I'm happy to say that my new TV Yellow 290 DC ticks so many boxes and drop-down sub-menu boxes that I fully connect with every positive sentiment here. I can't see why...
  8. P

    It's kinda sad how many people waste their youth chasing a music career

    This is a great thread. I can feel the longing, the compromise, some youthful jest, some much-travelled wisdom, the wondering and fulfillment, the judgment and surrender.... This is such a lovely thread. It's so nice there's no right answer. Should I quit, did I quit too soon, should I ever have...
  9. P

    Anyone get tired of their Kemper and go back to tube amps?

    Kemper for home apt. studio use, amp and pedals for live. The power of soul is in both.
  10. P

    Are YOU a Pedal Snob Too ?!? Zoom vs Strymon vs Eventide H9

    Old thread, but just picked up the Zoom CDR and have owned lots of Strymon and Eventide pieces. I like this little blue pedal. I'm going to bond with it because it is annoying to edit and is mostly impractical to use live. But I am up for the challenge. Plus, the algorithms are just fine. It's...
  11. P

    Kemper....AMAZING...Seriously...Just get one.

    Kemper. You are awesome. You're like Netflix. There are so many movies I won't watch and wish I hadn't started. But there are others that have changed my life. I like you. :)
  12. P

    Looperlative LP2 Mini Looper?

    I just received one. Out of the box it was just fine. Then I added the expression pedal. The expression pedal that I use (an Ensoniq something or other) never keeps the repeats at 100%: they're always fading, just less so at the toe-up position than down. It acts like the EDP can, as a delay...
  13. P

    Keeley Luna Overdrive - anyone using this?

    I use the Luna II. I think the negative reviews (of the first iteration) are focusing on what it does that isn't what the user expected. I've read of its fizziness or raspy tones, but I've been able to dial these out. I think the "muscular" and "forward" comment above is about as perfect a...
  14. P

    VOX V847 wah