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  1. prince21

    Myasnikov preamp owners!

    Have you compared it to another high gain preamp
  2. prince21


    Any updates?
  3. prince21

    Npd - Isp Theta Preamp...

    This pedal is freaking awesome! Tons of gain without sounding flubby! It's the perfect match for my mesa boogie III! Check out some of my clips here
  4. prince21

    Need a HIGH GAIN pedal......

    Hell yeah! Check out my clips using it straight into the torpedo CAB
  5. prince21

    Cheap, used, fixed bridge super strat

    I have an 1983 USA Kramer Pacer. It's the 1 pickup version and it's easily the fastest and easiest guitar I've ever played. I am interested in getting a similar superstrat but I don't use the tremolo! Any affordable used axes? I know the relatively newer Charvel San Dimas models are awesome, but...
  6. prince21

    REVV G3 OD Pedal

    Will you have the opportunity to test in using the two notes wall of sound, or the torpedo cab?
  7. prince21

    High gain pedals preamps to use with IRs

    I'm looking for a pedal-preamp to use with my two notes torpedo cab. My budget is 200 euros to find a used or new pedal. I'm looking for something to sound tight for metal riffing. 80s metallica exodus etc. So far I ve been looking at the Sovereign, Amptweaker Tight Drive pro or junior, revv g3
  8. prince21

    Amptweaker Tight Metal JR

    How's the junior different than the pro tone related?
  9. prince21

    REVV G3 OD Pedal

    Yes please!
  10. prince21

    Cab for mesa boogie mark III

    Well, I know this is an old post, but I ve recently tried the marshall 4x12 1960 cab and it ****ing rips!! It does the old Metallica thing that I ve been looking for so many years!
  11. prince21

    The Memory Remains - Metallica guitar cover

    Guitar cover using 3 guitar tracks mesa boogie mark III blue stripe two notes torpedo cab zoom ms 50g samick les paul artist custom
  12. prince21

    REVV G3 OD Pedal

    Thx a lot for taking the time to share your thoughts! Any clips??
  13. prince21

    REVV G3 OD Pedal

    Did you have the chance to try it ??
  14. prince21

    Opinions on used Yamaha rbx 170

    I want to buy a used bass. I'm a guitar player and I like the idea of starting to learn some bass lines. The seller sent me pics and this video. I know there are some strong signs of use and stuff but I don't really care. Do u think I should get it for 110 euros?
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