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    I need a forum member who can make a faceplate!

    Contact Larry Rogers - he restores faceplates and has replacements for BF Fender amps. Larry Rodgers Amplifiers, Inc Naples, Florida (239) 649-8799 ljrodgers@embarqmail.com http://www.naturdoctor.com/Chapters/Rodgers/RodgersAmps.html PS Larry's also an excellent cabinet builder, and does...
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    Post Your Vintage Amp

    A Kay 703c. I call it a Millenium Falcon amp -- laugh all you want, it's small, quiet and has major mojo! http://www.naturdoctor.com/Chapters/Amps/Repairs/Kay703/Kay.html
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    My '66 Fender BF Dlx Rev is fizzy with OD pedals...?

    How about some questions. Does it fizz with the pedal volume turned down low? There's three scenarios - matched volume (distortion), increased volume (overdrive) and decreased volume (underdrive). This would check to see if the first stage is being driven too hard, which could be a preamp tube...
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    Amp Problem: Diagnose This

    Most likely it's a bad tube - usually a preamp, but the output tubes could be weak and mismatched.
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    Building a soundproof room

    You might want to consider building a separate room (or a large closet) for the amps, which would be much more insulated so you can turn them up as loud as you want and set the volume level in your recording room however you want. In one professional studio, they had the 100 watt Marshall in...
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    Is this a stinking tube screamer? (gut shot inside)

    The BYOC TubeScreamer kit is $90 plus shipping. http://www.buildyourownclone.com/overdrive2.html Add to that assembly and a decent paint job, plus a little profit, and you're close to $200. Is the paint job anything special?
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    How to make a strat sound more like a humbucker guitar

    Personally, I've come to realize that single-coils have their own unique sound that, if the amp is set correctly, sounds much better than humbuckers. Of course, the secret is to set the amp correctly. Plus, some amps seem to like single coils a lot more. This is a very complex topic, and it's...
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    Do you like Tweed, Tremolo, Reverb type amps?

    I'm designing a new amp and am wondering what people prefer: Please vote for your favorite configuration Tweed style - no effects Tremolo only Reverb only Tremolo and Reverb (both)
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    SHOW OFF your Supro, Silvertone, Danelectro, Alamo, and any OFF-BRAND AMP!

    Here's my Kay 703-c ... I call it a Millenium Falcon amp -- it looks like a POS, but the tone is incredible! http://www.naturdoctor.com/Chapters/Amps/Repairs/Kay703/Kay.html
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    Amp Systems vs Collections

    I've become a Fender man ... these would be my go to amps SF Champ (5W) for home SF Princeton of Deluxe Reverb (12W) for small clubs I'm currently talking to someone about trading a custom 18-watt tube amp I built for a Vibroverb clone. It's one of the best sounding amps I've heard, and was my...
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    Amp sounds like it has tremolo (fluctuating volume)

    Most common suspect would be power supply caps (aka a "cap job").
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    Texas Heat -- 150W speaker for a 18W amp?

    I've been hearing a lot of good things about the Emminence Texas Heat - nice cleans and smooth distortion. I have a custom amp with a pair of EL84 for about 18 watts (it's similar to an Vox AC15 or Matchless Spitfire). My concern is that the speaker is way over-rated for the power of the amp...
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    Swapping OT's - as simple as it looks?

    Are you certain that they aren't the same transformer?
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    Transformer/rectifier tube question...

    Something is shorting the power to ground and lowering the overall voltages. Bad tubes are the first suspect, followed by bad electrolytics in the power supply. Both are easy to test.
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    Early Marshall amp gooroozze, look at my guts. Know what I may need in there???

    The new ones are shorter. Because they are new, that means they may not be the cause. The goo dries very quickly, so it may still be an issue, but it is more likely to be from the original ones. You said the amp sounds fine, which means it may be fine. If you have a bias meter, start by...