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    Am I a "blues lawyer"?

    Looking forward to being a nu metal engineer in 2040
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    NGD: Aristides H/06r

    In this intro video, they say that the bridge is custom designed for this guitar to provide a balanced trem effect across all of the strings. There's a little more going on than is evident at a glance.
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    Mesa Mini Rec— worked a good deal. Should I grab it?

    It's a fair price but not a screaming deal or anything, I've been seeing them right at $750 for years. Get it if you want it, don't feel like you're missing out if you don't.
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    Lightest tube head with an FX loop

    Mesa Mini Rectifier!
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    There are guitarists who are showing up for the audience to enjoy the gig, and there are those showing up for themselves to enjoy the gig and the audience be damned. It appears that both types are present in this thread.
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    Versatile Guitar For Metal

    I have to point out that a lot of metal players - classic and modern - have done it on Les Pauls. It's absolutely not necessary to change much of anything in your preferences to encompass that genre. Dethklok comes to mind as being played in C standard on an LP. That said, the genre thrives...
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    How do you like the L6 Power Cab ?

    It was pretty decent, but I liked my Xitone active wedge better in the end.
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    New guitar has made the rounds on Reverb…

    Oh yeah I've been through this with the same thing being passed around over and over. It's probably throwing a check engine light and nobody wants to fix it.
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    NGD: Aristides H/06r

    I know what you're thinking. Another headless, and another Aristides? Come on, TGP is practically drowning in these already! :p:p Aristides has been on my radar for a while but I was waiting for the right one to become available and this hit the mark. The original line are cool and all, but the...
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    Why is the "don't tell my wife" joke/line so common in the guitar community?

    I feel bad for everyone who thinks it's funny, and worse for everyone for whom it's not really a joke.
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    Question about height to hang guitars on the wall

    Top of my hangers are at 78" from the floor. High up without being a pain in the butt to pull off.
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    Celestion G12H-30 Anniversary vs. G12H-75 Creamback

    That was a long time ago now - but think of it this way. There was a time that I had only played Stratocasters and similar guitars, ever. And no amount of reading or TGP discussion was going to tell me why a Les Paul might be what I actually like (or not!). At some point you've gotta own the...
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    FM3 Second Time Around Thoughts (vs Helix)

    I really didn't enjoy using the FM3 with only three switches. I wish Fractal had gone with a slightly larger form factor. That said, five is working out alright.
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    Latest on GC Bankruptcy As Reported By The N.Y. Times

    Yep, they're playing private equity hot potato. Who will be holding it when it explodes?
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    .Strandberg* Guitars

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