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    Sold PRS DGT

    PM sent
  2. Forshage Luna

    Forshage Luna

  3. Riot


    Suhr Riot Overdrive
  4. More


    Cusack More Louder boost pedal
  5. Looper1


    Loopmaster 2 loop plus bypass switch
  6. CabDrvr1


    Digitech Cab Dryver
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    Sold Sebago Sound DT-50 and Ceriatone C-Lator

    Seems to be pretty common practice around here. Most folks do it as a courtesy to other sellers especially if someone ends up dumping the gear for way less than what it was listed at. Having said that, the amp and c-lator sold locally for $1950.
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    Sold Sebago Sound DT-50 and Ceriatone C-Lator

    !!!! All items sold !!!! For sale is my Sebago Sound DT-50 amp along with a Ceriatone C-lator tube effects loop. The DT-50 is the 50-watt, 80's Skyliner voiced version. Great sounding 'D'-style amp. The preamp tubes were replaced in April of 2017. Power tubes in October of 2016. Power tubes...
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    Sold Price Drop! Eventide H9 MAX w/ Barn 3 switch.

    !!! SOLD For sale is my Eventide H9 MAX with an included Barn 3 aux switch. Price is for both items sold together and includes PP and shipping within ConUS. $SOLD The unit is in excellent working condition. It has been used on my main pedalboard for the past 10 months so it does have some...
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    my pedals
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    AX8 soon to be incoming

    I'm also a recent owner of an AX8. Fantastic unit. The AustinBuddy video on setting levels for in/out is a great place to start. As also mentioned, the vids by Leon Todd are very helpful as well. If you are planning on using live then dialing in patches at gig volume is really important. Also...
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    Ethos options

    I ordered a clean II last week so looking forward to getting it in and seeing what it can do. I use a D-style amp in my main rig but only on the clean channel. The traditional Dumble type overdrive doesn't work as well for the styles I play so I front it with a couple of different dirt pedals...
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    Can the Digitech RP360 be "unmuffled"?

    I've had an RP 360 for about 10 months. I set the output to amp mode and then run it into a Joyo British Sound pedal. It's their version of a Tech 21 amp SIM pedal. With that pedal, it gives me a lot of options to tweak eq and warm things up. I also recommend...
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    Where to find cool stage clothes

    Something like this?