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    Johnny A. using P-90 pickups in signature guitar

    I saw him in January in a very small club with the P-90 JA guitars. They were not my cup of tea but might have sounded a lot better with a bit less volume. JA was great as always. I had no idea they needed to mess with the guitar neck to put those pickups in!
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    Linda Ronstadt ...

    2 short notes: In the early 70s I went to a smaller show to see the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (headliner), some singer named Linda Ronstadt and Steve Martin (all on one bill for about $5.00 a ticket). Steve Martin couldn't make it (got Tom Waits instead!) and was impressed by Ms. Ronstadt to say...
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    Swamp Thang with a 5 watt tube combo?

    I had a Swamp Thang run with a Redplate Blackverb. Supposedly it was good for cleans. However I was looking for a Fender blackface tone and the ST couldn't do that (for me anyway). I found the high to be repressed (not sparkly or sweet and not very detailed) and the lows prominent. The ST is...
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    Favorite Steely Dan Song

    Of older tunes I agree with MikeFair on "Any Major Dude". Others not mentioned above that I really like are: - Barrytown - Any World that I'm Welcome to Of newer material, I like most all of it but some special ones are: - Almost Gothic - West of Hollywood
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    Incoming!! Prs 594 Semi Hollow Ltd

    Pretty unique guitar. Would love to hear how it is different from your regular 594.
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    Carr Slant 6v....any love?

    Carr Slant V is a classic great amp in my book. But not easy to find. I think at current price points it would be maybe the most pricey Carr amp. BallaBalla nailed it
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    New Mesa Boogie amp: Fillmore 50

    I agree that the 50 watts didn't seem very loud but that is also true for the clean mode of every Express 5:50 I've played. I'd also agree that the reverb seemed a bit heavy on the Fillmore for my tastes. I'd dial it way back.
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    New Mesa Boogie amp: Fillmore 50

    I got a chance to play a Fillmore 50 combo at my local shop today for about 20 minutes. I'm mainly a clean tone player so take that into account in considering this review. The combo looks like a Deluxe reverb size combo. Not as deep backed as most Mesa's. Very simple and intuitive layout...
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    NAD: 1965 Vintage Twin Reverb, ex Eric Johnson.

    Very cool! What does that guy weigh with the JBLs?
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    Xotic Soul Driven question.

    I think the SD (non AH version) is a great OD Pedal. I also use a Zendrive but the SD is creamier yet still has some growl on chording. What I love about the SD apart from its tone is how you can use the tone and mid controls to adapt the pedal to most any normal amp / guitar combination and...
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    Still gassing for a McCarty

    I think OP asked about 'which Mccarty". There are many variations on the McCarty. On the standard McCarty - I believe some are all mahogany (Korina?), while others are maple cap / mahogany (most probably). A DGT is basically a customized McCarty with different pickups, a different neck carve...
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    Johnny A : Never Heard Of Him

    Go Johnny Go!
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    New Mesa Boogie amp: Fillmore 50

    I'm sure this will be a good amp. As always video clips rarely capture anything close to what an amp sounds like. If I relied on video clips I'd stick with acoustic guitar. I like the concept behind this amp which seems to combine simplicity with reasonable levels of versatility. I have Mesa...
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    The Kingsley Pedal Club

    How about this name" TPG Wait List Magnet?
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    Mesa TA15 & TA30 Tweed Mode

    I always use 40 watts on the Tweed mode. It's clearly cleaner.