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    Vendor DCW Pedals - TGP FREE Pedal Giveaway - Winner Announced Post #181!

    MARSHA Dual Overdrive "Without good direction, people lose their way; the more wise counsel you follow, the better your chances."
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    Vendor DCW Pedals - April Pedal Giveaway! Winner announced Post 123!

    Marsha Dual Overdrives, or ZAZ Drive Deluxe
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    Video - Marshall in a Box Pedal "Shootout"

    I thought #3 was great for the bridge pickup and#2 for the neck pickup. I would list them favorite 3,2,1,4.
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    Alf Hermida. King of Zen !

    My all time favorite overdrive! Had to wait till Alf's summer break from teaching to get it. Well worth the wait! It's been touched and signed by Robben & Eric Johnson, lol!
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    Break-up of a Deluxe Reverb at low volumes?

    Check out the 'cuda by SIB.
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    The Kingsley Pedal Club

    Nice set up and playing!
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    NGD Les Paul Custom!

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    Boss DD-500 Questions, Tips, Tricks, and Solutions

    This is interesting, thinking outside the box. thanks.
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    Overdrive pedals - Let's face it...they all suck.

    I agree with you that's why I've settled on four the Nord 70-plus, zendrive, Bogner Burnley and a klon.
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    ADA Rocket...

    regrettably I sold the amp.
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    Recommend me 3 OD'S ...light/medium/heavey

    Out of all the ones I've gone through, I've settled on these: Mythical overdrive Zendrive Himmelstrutz nord Bogner burnley
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    Clay Jones OD Content

    Glad to hear from you. Get well.
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    Boss Dd500 - New Delay - Timeline-ish || Now With First Sound Clips / Impressions ||

    I use two, one to power the DD500 and DMMTT, with no problems. The other one powers the rest.