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    Show Your Pedalboard: 2020

    There's a 2022 thread, you can post it there too.
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    Show your pedalboard: 2022

    Thanks mate, it’s the 68 Funky Vibe and it’s killer. The amps I’m using are a 77 Dr103, a 100W Superbass, a 77 BF Bassman and a tweed deluxe.
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    Fuzz Face Style CV7003 Pedals? Recommendations... Yet another Fuzz Thread

    I own the Constellation and the FF mode sounds almost identical with my NKT275 WD Sunface.
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    Show your pedalboard: 2022

    My favourite board for a long time now. Guitar goes to Ivor Bc183L - Jerms MkI - Drybell Unit 67 - Metropoulos SupaBoost - Lazy J Cruiser Deuce - Klon - Sabbadius Funky Vibe - Peterson Strobostomp - Hughes & Kettner Rotosphere - Boss Vb2 - Skreddy Echo - Crazy Tube Circuits Time - Crazy Tube...
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    Tonebender MK2 without busting the bank

    Try to find a used Crazy Tube Circuits Constellation, great MkII plus many more. The MkI.5 is my favourite.
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    The "pedal guts pics" thread. Volume II

    Consider me impressed, well done!
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    The Kingsley Pedal Club

    How’s v1 Jester in comparison with the newest one?
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    How do/did you transport a Power Station? Power Station carry bag decent?

    I use the Fryette bag with no issues for more than a couple of years. Really sturdy and well made IMO
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    Doyle Bramhall II

    This one was posted earlier on their FB page.
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    Constellation CV7003 users

    I have 4 different amps, all of the are set ath the edge of breakup and sounds really good with any of them. The amps are a Tweed deluxe copy, a blackface Bassman, a Hiwatt Dr103 and a 100W Marshall Superbass. It depends on the model you choose, for example the FF cuts as good as my WD Nkt275...
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    Constellation CV7003 users

    It cleans extremely well, especially on the ff amd 1.5
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    Pedals For BlackFace Bassman

    For more than 4-5 years I pair my 67 Bassman with a Crazy Tube Circuits White Whale for a true spring reverb and analog tremolo. Couldn’t be happier.
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