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    PRS Special 22 - How many built?

    Hey Mike, Yeah I tried customer service. The response was "I don't have that info" "we don't keep track of how many of each model is built" Yeah right..whatever. Sounds like its top secrect info they don't give out or the person in customer service didn't want to take the time to find out...
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    PRS Special 22 - How many built?

    Anyone else with some insight or educated guess? :huh
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    PRS Special 22 - How many built?

    Yeah... Top secret. Seems like a harmless question to me.
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    PRS Special 22 - How many built?

    Seem's to be top secret info with PRS. Anyone out there that can help me out? Just picked up one in fireburst red and a wide fat neck. Love this thing. I would really to find out all I can about it. Looks like it was only offered in 2010 but thats about all I have found on them. Thanks to...
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    custom pedalboard builders - whose out there?

    No worries mano. Glad I got a chance to clear that up. :)
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    custom pedalboard builders - whose out there?

    Yep going back through my e-mails. I first found out my site was hacked on 11-24 Last contact directly from my website was on 10-22 Took my webmaster untill 12-6 to basicly start from scratch and move to a new server (something that was needed anyways) So again none of your e-mails...
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    custom pedalboard builders - whose out there?

    Wow, Glad I caught this post. Never had to come on here to defend myself but Grego.... I have never "blown off" you or anyone else. Not my style. If I got an email from you I would have answered it. It's always possible , of course, to miss one e-mail but I can't imagine missing...
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    Boomerang III vs. Pigtronix Infinity Looper

    I was holding off on the Rang III until the release date of April was pushed back again. I decided that I would score the Rang III at a good price ( there are some deals to be had on this since it's been out for awhile). My thinking was I could spend some serious time with the Rang while waiting...
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    So, do you think there will be a v2 of the SLOstortion?

    Having had the SLOstortion for about a week, I feel the need to chime in. First of all, believe the hype. This pedal really is amazing. One thing I have learned from Brian's pedals. I will never again own any drive pedal that dosn't have a 3 band EQ. This alone makes this pedal better than...
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    strymon timeline

    Don't know if I've missed it in all the chatter, or if we don't know yet... but I would love to know more about the looper's function. Will we be able to save loops as patches? Will we be able to record a loop with a set delay, then change the delay patch to play over it? And would that be...
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    $1200-1400 What pedal platform amp would you suggest?

    There is no such thing as the "best" for anything. For me application means a ton. I like the ability to run the amp at a volume that has the tubes cooking good but also the ability to dial out amp distortion or at least have very little distortion. For me the Gries 15 works extremely well for...
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    Gries 15

    Anyone else lucky enough to own one of these yet?