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    VHT/Fryette Pittbull 50ST (50/12) Bias question_

    ^^^^ This is the second time you've jumped on one of my VHT threads with exactly the info I'm looking for, THANK YOU!!!! Can I e-mail you a couple of questions about my OD channel cutting out at practice last night too? *finger crossed* The amp is about 12 years old so I expected to have...
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    VHT/Fryette Pittbull 50ST (50/12) Bias question_

    ^^^ Kelly - I looked on the Fryette forum and didn't see any threads on the bias when switching tubes. I'll definitely look again but there's not a whole lot on the older 50 St/5012 amps on there that I saw. brianr0131 - thanks, I figured you did. I'm going to look on the Fryette forum and...
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    VHT/Fryette Pittbull 50ST (50/12) Bias question_

    It appears the old VHT/Fryette Pittbull 50ST amps can use either EL34 or 6L6 tubes and there is a switch on the amp chasis to flip when swapping tubes. Does anyone know if these have a fixed range for the bias and can be swapped without having to re-bias the amp? Also has anyone swapped out...
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    How much gain does a skreddy screwdriver have?

    ^^^^ The SD and the Timmy are a great combo. You can go Timmy -> SD or SD -> Timmy and either works very well. I found eventually I was covered with just the LM and SD so I got rid of the Timmy but it's accolades are all well deserved. I just bought an amp with a clean/OD channel + boost...
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    How much gain does a skreddy screwdriver have?

    If you're looking for something just for leads you might want to consider the Lunar Module. Usually I don't agree when people suggest the LM over the Screwdriver (I have had both on my board for a couple of years now) but in this instance I might. The Screwdriver is incredibly versatile but...
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    Joyo at YooSmart: you've been warned!

    ^^^ Of course they're well made. The Chinese companies are the best at copying and reproducing other people's stuff illegally.
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    K City, MO ... Where to stop?

    Guitar Center put most of the good shops in KC out of business. There are a couple of smaller shops left but they don't necessarily carry any hard to find or unique instruments. I don't know that you'll find any delta blues but if you grab a copy of the Pitch or check places at 18th and...
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    NAD - VHT Pittbull 50/12 combo

    ^^^^ Thanks!
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    NAD - VHT Pittbull 50/12 combo

    Ah, good to know. This one doesn't have ST anywhere on it but I've read where people refer to them as the same amp. I will send an e-mail to that link and see what's up. Thanks! The amp is awesome, a little different than the other VHTs I've heard. Pretty cool mix of Marshallish OD and...
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    NAD - VHT Pittbull 50/12 combo

    Super stoked to have nabbed this for a great price. No pics yet but will post 'em when I get a chance. I'm curious if there is somewhere I can find the user's manual/guide online. Since the amp is an older Fryette era VHT and neither the VHT site nor Fryette site have the model listed anymore...
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    Any opinions on the lindy Fralin SP43?

    I have one in the bridge of my tele and it's perfect. I couldn't find a pickup I liked there until I tried the SP43.
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    Skreddy Lunar Driver Deluxe. Who's with me?

    I already have a SDD and Lunar Module (with DSOTM :)) graphics so I probably wouldn't buy one but I can certainly attest to how fantastic the two pedals work together. They are my two drive pedals that I use with an amp set clean. Each pedal is great at what it does but the two of them also...
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    NGD JBLP, owned by the man himself

    Does it have WCR pickups in it? :) Congrats, it's a beautiful guitar!
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    Kudos to Jim Wagner/WCR...again!

    I bought a set of the American Steel pickups for my Les Paul along with the wiring kit to replace the current pots/wiring. Although I have replaced pickups numerous times in the past I've not replaced the wiring/pots in their entirety. Apparently my dumbass can't read the diagrams or something...
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