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  1. Ransom

    Anybody buy the new Rush - "40th" - Permanent Waves?

    I'm not buying it since I've already bought the album several times over, but I agree with your take regarding the drum sound on Fly By Night! I'm a huge Rush fan and have thought the same thing about the crisp and raw drums on that record for many years.
  2. Ransom

    What album or song made you start playing guitar?

    I started on bass, and that inspiration first struck when I was 12 and had a ride in the back of my brother's Cutlass Supreme that had a killer stereo in it. I was generally a country music fan at the time, but my bro popped in "Moving Pictures," and cranked "Tom Sawyer." The grit and rumble by...
  3. Ransom

    Mastodon Anybody?

    Crack the Skye is a killer album.
  4. Ransom

    Poll: Your favorite Spinal Tap song ???

    "I know for I told me so..."
  5. Ransom

    "Aurora Borealis, In Your Kitchen?"

    "May I see it?" :bonk This is a very cool, happy tune!
  6. Ransom

    Fawlty Towers Theme

    Thanks!! It's funny you said that about Python, because I never really got into that either. Fawlty Towers, however, is classic TV! And I don't believe that I've ever played it for anyone other than the Mrs., but doing it live would be fun. I'd think that SOMEONE would recognize it.
  7. Ransom

    Fawlty Towers Theme

    Thank you! :) This was a blast to put together.
  8. Ransom

    Fawlty Towers Theme

    Hey, thanks!! Small world. Well...not in guitar circles. :) Yeah, for some reason I never tried sharing any of it here but maybe I'll do it in both places now. Thanks for digging it!
  9. Ransom

    Gary Moore Parisienne Walkways Cover

    Yeah, those bends definitely look tough. Great job! :aok
  10. Ransom

    Fawlty Towers Theme

    If you are a fan of "Fawlty Towers," please check out my video! I don't know why I never shared it here before. Anyway, for years I wanted to do a cover of it and finally did exactly that. It's short & to the point!
  11. Ransom

    What is it about Rush's "Losing It"?

    Plus the electric violin doesn't exactly raise the spirits within the song! But it's a great tune regardless. Lyrically it's one of Neil's best.
  12. Ransom

    mystery stocking

    I did OK! I'll gladly take the Boss clip-on tuner and two decent sets of strings I got; I like the Dunlop sampler pack; and there's also a $5 gift card from Cascio music though I don't know when or how I'll ever use it. Last year I got a cool $80 strap and a Fishman clip-on tuner, with a...
  13. Ransom

    Name your top 3 "must-own" albums . _ .

    Venus Isle - EJ Electric Ladyland - Jimi Olias of Sunhillow - Jon Anderson Yeah, one of these things is not like the others!
  14. Ransom

    Thinking about Keith Emerson's suicide... So sad!

    I'm a huge ELP/Emerson fan, and was devastated at the news of his death. I was at my desk at the office when I learned of it. I find it incredibly ironic that Keith was a very outspoken opponent of gun rights, yet that's precisely what brought his demise. :(
  15. Ransom

    ELP ~ Newsweek interview with Greg Lake and Carl Palmer

    My guess is that these were two separate phone interviews which were pasted together. But other than that uncomfortable exchange, this was an excellent article. HUGE fan of ELP here.
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