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    World's Heaviest/Uncool Strat

    Most of them are still waiting for a pedal that you were paid for.
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    Pop songs with impressive guitar solos/"hired gun" guitarists.

    Man, I love that album. Some seriously awesome guitar tones and such great lyrical songwriting...
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    Awesome fuzz tone!

    Weird Al friggin rocks on so many levels. Badass tone there, wonder if it is really Ray.
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    Burst Lovin' -- Show Your Bursts!

    My first Custom Shop, just bought it today. Should have it by the end of the week. :D
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    What would you do?

    And she gets a case of beer and my thanks. ;) I'm keeping the guitar.
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    What would you do?

    Pay him his full asking price, and if it checks out as legit I'd come back with a case of beer for the guy. But if it checks out I'm keeping it - period.
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    buying instruments online are like russian roulette

    ... I just pulled the trigger. We'll see how it goes. I get a return policy from a reputable shop and it's a good buy so I could re-sell it later if I just don't bond with it.
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    buying instruments online are like russian roulette

    I'm kind of struggling with this right now, myself. I'm a little leery about laying out two grand on a guitar that I've never even seen in person or held in my hands. No idea how it plays, or how it feels... not likely that I'll be able to get my hands on one locally, either. I get a 14...
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    Question about Dumbleator style outboard FX loop buffers…

    Hey, thanks for the feedback and info, everyone! It was quite an educational thread and I really appreciate it. I'll be going with a Quinn Loops tube loop in a rack mount design. Now I just need to come up with a case to mount it in and I'll be set!
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    Question about Dumbleator style outboard FX loop buffers…

    PM Replied to! :beer
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    Question about Dumbleator style outboard FX loop buffers…

    I’ve got a hand-wired D style amp and love it. I’ve been running my reverb and delay in front of the amp and it sounds fantastic with the clean channel. But I’d also like to use them with the drive channel, and to do that effectively I need to get a loop buffer and run it after...
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    2 Dirt Pedals, 1 Modulation, & 1 Delay - Lay out your choices.

    My current board goes: TS-9DX > Astrotone > 535Q > Timebender. I can get just about anything out of that with a volume and an expression pedal in play.
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    Looking for a tuner that's always on but will also mute.

    I'm currently running a Boss TU-2 on a dead-end tuner out from my Ernie Ball VP Jr. That lets me keep it on all the time but I can heel down to mute and tune between songs. Is there a tuner pedal out there that I can keep on and tuning all the time and let my signal pass through, then when...
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    Mod my Strat with a rear route?

    Ah, I see. Market value is not a concern with this guitar, I'm gonna be keeping this one forever. Who knows, it may end up being a prototype for a Fender replica someday! :D
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    Mod my Strat with a rear route?

    Thanks, but that doesn't solve the problem entirely. I'd still have to remove pickguard and controls to access things, and there's still loose wiring hanging about as I'm making changes. Plus it's not as easy to make an A vs. B comparison when I change capacitor values if I have to reassemble...
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