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Recent content by rastaman

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    Fulltone OCD Versions

    3 is the best.
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    What Pedal Was Mike Ness Using...

    On Ernie Ball Pursuit of Tone?
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    Pedalboards of the Stars collection part III

    No, I wanted to watch them do LRM in the living room...
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    Pedalboards of the Stars collection part III

    That was AWESOME! Love Removal Machine??
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    At the risk of reducing resale value: OCD V1 vs V7

    Version 3 is the best by far. They don't have version numbers in or on them. You have to go by the serial #'s unless it has arrows around the knobs. If so, it's a version 4 or greater. Here's a link that will let you in on everything you want to know about them...
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    CMATMODS Signa Drive vs. OCD?

    V.4 OCD's sound like ass IMO. Don't know why they don't go back to the 3's... They screwed up a good thing.
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    Sold Wampler Pinnacle

    Wampler Pinnacle: $100 shipped. One badass pedal for sure.
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    Sold G12 M 65 Watt 8 Ohm Speaker

    G12M 65 Watt Creamback 8 ohm speaker . $90 shipped. You know you want it :-)
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    Help me get back 'in'

    I'd say Blackstar if you want to stay in the reasonable $ range, if not... Friedman will make you **** your britches.
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    The Holy Grail of Combo Amps?

    Well now... that is 100% accurate. I have both and a Lehle A/B. Time to go jam.
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    The Holy Grail of Combo Amps?

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    TELEFUNKEN tubes being reissued by JJ?

    Sorry, I didn't read all the entire thread but.... What is the general consensus of these tubes????
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    I've come to realize my Friedman BE100 and Bogner ....

    What about power tubes? Would it be worth my time to try some NOS Mullard EL34's in my Friedman Smallbox?
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    It's funny how Chinese Celestion Speakers say Ipswitch England on the label, and

    They know what they're doing and know what it looks like. I've always thought they should say either Made in England or Made in China. End of story.