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Recent content by Ray Gianelli

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    BBC Tribute to Amy Winehouse

    She was a tremendous talent who left us far too soon. I first heard her in 2006, when a DJ on a modern alternative station said he heard her on a weekend show of theirs, and he said he had to play her even though she wasn't on the playlist. He played "You Know That I'm No Good" and I was...
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    Hello from Florida!

    Welcome aboard! There's a tremendous wealth of information available here. TGP can suck you in for hours at a time, so bear that in mind as you juggle your business and music projects! What part of south Florida are you in? Central Palm Beach county is where I currently reside.
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    Please post about problems with bad electric, neon lights etc...

    This gets posted a lot but you need to have one of these in you gig bag at all times: It will help you find outlets that have faulty or missing grounds, neutral issues and reversals. Properly grounded outlets and shielded instruments will go a long way to minimizing hum.
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    Gary Moore - Live '87 with strat

    +1 For me, the essence of a musician is the ability to convey emotion. Which put Gary Moore way up on my list. RIP Gary. Thanks for all the great music. You are missed.
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    Share Your Gig Photos - I'll Start....

    Here's one of the latest ones I have, from a breast cancer benefit we did last year
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    I had heard of her but had yet to hear her. Thanks to the OP that's been rectified! I'm really digging what I'm hearing.
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    Nothing FEELS better than playing some funk!

    Maybe not funk per se, but I really liked it!!!
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    Hiromi is such a badass...

    I had never heard of her... but I'll never forget her after this! Thank you for posting this!
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    Another Porcupine Tree Appreciation Thread

    I looked for In Absentia in 5.1... little rich for my blood! http://www.amazon.com/In-Absentia-Dts-Porcupine-Tree/dp/B00016POFE/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1332514054&sr=8-4 2 used form $179.
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    Lake County Musicians Swap Meet, Mt Dora, FL

    I wondered about that. I've passed by the sign for it a few times when My GF and I were visiting her folks in Mt. Dora. I've never been there on the Sunday they hold it though, so I can't comment :)
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    Another Porcupine Tree Appreciation Thread

    Donnie, I did almost the same thing. Some on here recommended In Absentia, which I loved. Played it to death before finally buying another PT album, which was Deadwing. Wish I would have been hip to them a few years ago, as they played in Miami in 2010!
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    Brilliant performances with crap gear

    Well, once I got good gear and discovered it wasn't the issue that left just me and my technique. At that point I just started practicing more. So good gear did that for me :) Didn't Hendrix just play off the shelf Strats? Didn't stop him from sounding amazing!
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    Great radio and TV band documentaries .....

    I was scrolling through the channels on my Blu-Ray player and I checked out SnagFilms. They had a good documentary on solidbody guitars. When I checked out their web site they had quite a few documentaries on musicians and music gear. Here's a link to one I saw...
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    Electricity problems at a local clubs knock out my digital delay

    The problem with even a regulated supply in this scenario is that if the voltage drops below a certain threshold it won't have sufficient voltage to produce a stable 9 VDC, thus it will have ripples in the output that will affect your effects.
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    What's your day job?

    I lived in Islip when I was a kid, moved to south Florida in the late 60's. Met a great gal down here last year, she lived in Commack the same time I lived in Islip. Small world, eh? I work for a large telecom company as a central office tech. Do everything from dialtone to OC192.