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    True Bypass Tremolo Pedal?

    Look in there again. I just verified with the Site That Shall Not Be Named that there is a trim pot in there. Also, one guy came up with a mod to make it external.
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    Susan Boyle

    Those are just way too common to be shocking any more. What's shocking is that people buy the albums. :)
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    Susan Boyle

    What i cannot understand is the fixation on the premise as to whether or not it was "set up." Who cares? She can sing or she can't. For me, beyond her great voice, it's not her looks that are what make it a great moment. Rather, it's the obvious reality that she hasn't been treated...
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    Susan Boyle

    What on earth are you talking about? My post didn't contain anything about it being shocking. If you're going to quote a post, it might be helpful to address said post. Insofar as you did actually address what I wrote... If your ears believe that Ms. Boyle's performance is comparable to that...
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    Susan Boyle

    Bigger than Johnny Hiland? http://www.johnnyhiland.com/ Because he's pretty darn big.
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    Susan Boyle

    Not a chance. Sorry, that's just false. Not an opinion. A statement of something which is factually false. Patti LuPone thought she was good, but I'm sure you are much more qualified to assess Ms. Boyle's ability than one of the single greatest voices of our time.
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    Susan Boyle

    That's cool. And you know that Broadway divas are not known for lying to people about their singing in order to make them feel good. :)
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    So What Does The Music World Need Right Now?

    And step A#1 on that path is to STOP making the live music experience what musicians think it ought to be, and make it what likely audiences want it to be. No more death dealing decibels. More focus on truly great sound and pleasant environs. People can listen to music all day long on their...
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    So What Does The Music World Need Right Now?

    OK, here's a completely different (and likely unpopular) take: Music needs fewer musicians. I don't mean it needs fewer people playing instruments, singing, and enjoying music. I mean it needs fewer people who aren't all that talented or called filling bars and coffee shops and A&R guy...
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    Katy Perry vs Susan Boyle

    Katy Perry can play guitar. So around here, I'll go with her. But wow, was the Boyle clip ever cool. It's great to see someone so humble who never had a chance punch her ticket like that.
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    Tech 21 Boost RVB vs. EHX Holy Grail Plus

    I don't hear any noise at all with the Boost RVB in my setup. I was able to confirm the conventional wisdom that the EH reverbs seem to add noise, but I didn't have that problem with the Tech 21. As far as usability goes, that's purely a matter of preference. I have never been a "preset" guy...
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    Absolutely, as is almost always the case when it comes to choosing musical tools. I personally prefer individual pedals for a host of reasons. That said, if I was playing in, say, a live cover band, a multi would become much more appealing. The need to radically alter which effects you are...
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    Preferred shipping methods?

    My feelings as well. I have too many years' worth of experience with UPS and FedEx treating me with open disdain. My local UPS driver here is a nice guy. That doesn't mean the company isn't borderline reprehensible at a policy level. The last thing I shipped UPS - at recipient's request -...
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    An organic-sounding OD that borders on metal?

    I just got a Farndurk X that I am going to review here shortly. It's a distortion more than an overdrive, but wow is it ever interesting, and you can work with the builder to select whatever clipping elements you want to get the tone you're after. Very simple circuit, very very dynamic and clear.
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    Is the Danelectro Cool Cat Distortion a Xotic BB Preamp Clone???

    The clone matrix so far: Dano CF-1 - Peach Fuzz Dano CO-1 - OCD Dano CTO-1 - Timmy Nobody has traced the CD-1 or CM-1 circuits yet, and that has me really curious.