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Recent content by Redrum

  1. Redrum

    Is there a trick to George Ls?

    I've been using George L's for years, mostly as patch cables on my pedal boards. The one thing I've found that helps to avoid any connection issues is to simply pin the patch cables down between pedals with cable ties. They're easily installed/removed when needed and simply keep all the patch...
  2. Redrum

    Duesey Reverend my new #1!

    Nice! Love Revs.
  3. Redrum

    Sleeper Pedals

    Ibanez EM5 Echomachine.
  4. Redrum

    NGD: Suhr Custom JM Killer!

    The stepped headstock looks great and adds a little mass as well.
  5. Redrum

    Tonight's Rig

    Oh the venerable DL4! Still see a lot of these out and about. Still have one myself. A cult classic.
  6. Redrum

    What amp for something smaller than a Fender Deluxe Reverb?

    Well, it ain't no Princeton but take a look at a Swart Atomic Space Tone. Don't really need the "Pro" version, just a regular AST and mic it. Maybe used if you can find one. Killer reverb and vibrato. Portable. Check one out.
  7. Redrum

    NGD: Suhr Custom JM Killer!

    And, it's....GOOD! Through the uprights and wins the game! Awesome spec. Enjoy.
  8. Redrum

    Drummer auditions... good times.

    Gotta be a heads-up player and always looking for visual cues. That goes for everyone in the band and especially the drummer. The younger kid sounds tempting but chances are he'll be toting along baggage (like his Dad, developing romantic relationships and just dealing with life as a teen)...
  9. Redrum

    NGD: 2014 Suhr Classic T Antique

    Nice! And congrats for finding a killer T-style! I have a Classic T Pro which is essentially the same guitar (Swamp Ash/Maple combo) without the roasted neck. It's a powerhouse Tele. "SNAP" indeed!
  10. Redrum

    Hindsight 20/20: Gigging & the COVID-19 thing...

    Wise words. Take heed friends. This is real.
  11. Redrum

    It Suhr was a wonderful NGD

    It's always interesting when a guitar finds you rather than the other way around!
  12. Redrum

    The Magic of Boost Pedals and Preamps (and the EchoPlex Mystery)

    I've been using an Xotic EP Booster for a couple months now and I'm sold. I love it with all my amps and different guitars. It's been one of the most enlightening pieces of gear I've had in ages.
  13. Redrum

    choose a Tele - American Original vs Suhr

    It's also interesting to note that Mr. Suhr spent quite a bit of time building guitars for Fender. If anyone knows Fender's production ethos, it's John Suhr.
  14. Redrum

    choose a Tele - American Original vs Suhr

    Beautiful guitars! And I'd agree, some people like Suhr T styles as well.
  15. Redrum

    choose a Tele - American Original vs Suhr

    I've got an Ash/Maple Suhr Classic T the stopped my Tele GAS in it's tracks. The Classic T pickups are staying put as well. I love em'. That being said, a nice Fender could easily be a keeper. No doubt. It all comes down to the specific features you're looking for. I came really close to...