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    Did Something Stupoid- AC-15C1 Speaker Ohn Question

    As stated above, you can go up in impedance but sometimes it only takes seconds to damage the OT if you go down in impedance.
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    Old Sunn amps ... what did they sound like?

    Powerful in an in your face sort of way . . . I have a Sceptre. Although she doesn't give me goose bumps like some of my other vintage tube amps, she sure can stay clean at high volumes . . . The reverb circuit sucks though. What were they thinking with that lame reverb board?
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    found in someone's trash.....

    In case you ever need it, there is a link to the schematic for the Sano WR16 here on Larry John McNally's website: http://www.larryjohnmcnally.com/sano_amps.html I have a Sano 160R - it might be the best sounding 1x12 vintage amp I have ever owned - right at the top for sure. Nice find ;)
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    Sano 160R - Thoughts?

    My Sano 160R is one of THE best sounding vintage tube amps I own and I have several. They rock, pure and simple. I have the schematic for it too. I have a Weber Ceramic Blue Dog 12 in mine and she runs dead silent (I did a filter cap replacement on mine when I got her. This is one amp that I...
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    BF Super Reverb Clones?

    Not sure if he still makes them and it may be a wait but his web page is still active: http://www.unclespot.com/USamps.html These amps are said to sound very good.
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    CLIPS: My Super's speaker's were wired wrong!

    Out of phase speaker wiring seems to have been a Fender issue quite a bit. I remember reading an old thread about checking the phase of your old Fender amps so I decided to check my 1969 Twin. Lo and behold, it was out of phase.
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    Q re: ordering a custom Suhr.

    This is great advice. Each dealer has "build slots" with Suhr Guitars and this is certainly the fastest way to get a custom built Suhr if you can get in on one of a dealer's build slots.
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    Q re: ordering a custom Suhr.

    My experience is 22% - 27% off MSRP list depending on the dealer and timing.
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    biggest clean tone ever.

    My choice is a late 1960's Sunn head that runs two KT88's. They are friggin clean to the max due to the linear design. Major clean. They can be had for around $400 in good condition and are very easy to work on.
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    What Makes One Stick And Others Not?

    The grass is greener
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    I love my Champ....but...

    What speaker is in it now? What preamp tube are you running?
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    reverb tanks

    I was under the impression that accutronics products are made to order based on called out specs. Can't you just have one ordered to your specs from one of these places? that's what I did. http://www.accutronicsreverb.com/ordering.htm#buyone
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    Boutique Super Reverb?

    You probably can really do much better than this for the money but you have to check and make sure he is making them without a long wait time. http://www.unclespot.com/USamps.html
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    Show me your Strat with mint green pickguard

    Check out my Suhr Classic in the sig line.
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    Light Guitars. The definitive list.

    My Suhr Classic T comes in at 6.49 lbs. One piece swamp ash body One piece maple neck SS medium frets Plank body with 1/8" body edge radius Hand carve Klusons Straw Tele cup input Suhr tele neck PU and Broadcaster bridge Black Bakolite guard Fat C neck carve 10-14 radius