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    Mesa C90 speaker - I like it, am I crazy?

    Nice speaker... I've got a lonestar 2x12 that I bought just to put some fancy high-powered alnicos. Then I played live with the cab and loved it as-is. A lot cheaper solution too :D
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    Mic'ing amp at gigs. Shure 57 or Sennheiser e609?

    609 sounds better live and is more convenient inside an iso box, 57 sounds better mic'd up for recording purposes.. just my experience.
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    Favorite paradiddle exercise?

    Things I've found while working on this: * Reverse paradiddle suggestion was a great one. A different mechanic to get up to speed entirely from regular paradiddle but easier to understand the concept that it's just even 16th notes (or 8th notes if you prefer). Doing reverse paradiddles on a...
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    Not happy with THD 2x12 - speaker change??

    I hated the speakers that came with the THD 2x12 so I put in eminence red white and blues and it's been my most used cab for live performances after that.
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    Poll — What’s you favorite Mark-series Mesa-Boogie amplifier line?

    it's like pokemon, ya gotta catch em all. however, I think the IIB 100 watts is my personal favorite for authority and enough cleanliness to still cut through. The III is a beast though especially the blue stripe!!
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    Speakers for Lone Star 212

    I kept the c90's in mine... have another cab w et90's already.
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    Favorite paradiddle exercise?

    i'll reserve judgment until i've heard you play :p
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    ok this is kind of a stupid question, but what is your favorite Fender amp jewel light color?

    My Electra dyne came with a light purple one, haven't seen that exact shade anywhere else. I think the previous owner installed it... It's not in the Mesa store either
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    Istanbul agop turk series

    I ended up with almost complete set of turk stuff, other than hi-hat and the trashes: * bosphorus black pearl 15" hat * turk 10" splash * turk 8" bell * turk 18" crash * ion xist 19" trash / SE 16" trash * turk 20" ride * 30th anniversary 24" ride * 22" custom flat ride will build out one...
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    Istanbul agop turk series

    nice video... that ride definitely has the icy-ness factor on the bell.
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    Istanbul agop turk series

    What's the deal with these mehmet Sahra series? They are visually stunning but not sure if there is an agop equivalent Ex. https://reverb.com/item/37018887-istanbul-mehmet-sahra-22-ride-cymbal Are these some combination of hammered and lathed? Or some special steps to produce ?
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    Istanbul agop turk series

    Nice... Sounds cleaner and more effective than tape/adhesives.
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    Istanbul agop turk series

    I can see that about the lower-pitched and I can tell the turk 18" crash is one of those.. and it can get lost yes. i am finding at least for myself, i can relate this to how it feels to play a strat vs. other guitars, sometimes that thing is really gonna make you work for it. but you're going...
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    Istanbul agop turk series

    Yeah my ride has a lot of wash.. I'm currently using a bosphorus black pearl 18" crash in this setup as a crash ride to have one available that's pingy but controllable crash. Will probably bridge the gap with a turk ride when I have more money I believe my 24" is medium weight.. I bought it...
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